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Hampton Bays school budget includes 18.5 percent tax hike

It amazes me that all you folks are reading and writing all this trash talk about the schools and what you can and can't afford. Meanwhile if it were not for the public schools most of us wouldn't know how to read or write. Where did you first learn to use that box in front of you called a computer?...school. Where did you learn to calculate what your taxes might be based upon a % increase?...school. Where did you learn about the laws of our society and what is and isn't legal?...school. So how come you are throwing the place that taught you most of what you know to the wolves?" Apr 24, 10 8:24 AM

Wakemanfoster, it's a complicated situation one that even the press did not explain correctly. I have been to one of the presentations by the school and I called a few days later to ask them questions. I also confirmed what they said with the town tax assessor. The assessed value of our homes will likely go down, if you live on the water you might be the unlucky one, but most people will see their assessment drop about 10%. Because of that alone tax rate will rise about 10%. The cuts in Albany make the situation worse, with the school losing aid they have to raise more in property tax just to keep what's there, forget about adding. They said the total increase in the school budget will be 2.8%, which is the lowest I can remember since the 90s.They projected school tax will increase 6.7% which on the average house is about $307 a year. Those are the numbers I got.

It sounds like they and we are in a bad spot regardless. It could be worse, you could be living west of Southampton town where property taxes are really bad and the schools will be laying off 100s. At least these folks seem to be trying to do the right thing,its just a bad combination of events." Apr 24, 10 5:31 PM

I feel for you, but I feel worse for your kids. I grew in HB the son of a mechanic. A mechanic who knew the only way I could afford to stay here was if I got an education that would guarantee me a career so that I could pay the bills and afford the things he couldn't. The funding of the school system is not perfect but HB taxes are lower than anywhere west of here. And the school spends less per kid than all the others around us. What they are asking for sports is for MS and JV teams so the younger kids have somewhere safe and supervised to go after school. Too many kids today are finding too much trouble being left at home from 3-6 pm while parents work. It isn't a perfect system but it is the best we got. " Apr 26, 10 7:34 PM

Beachgal, are you aware that all state, local and municipal employees who retire under the state retirement system do not pay state income tax on their pensions? That includes, cops, highway workers, even politicians. It is a benefit the state gave to its employees becasue they are civil service. While this benefit seems like a lot right now in this economy, when the economy is flying high it is the civil service folks who are the ones that feel everyone else has it better." Apr 26, 10 8:01 PM