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Hampton Bays school budget includes 18.5 percent tax hike

Thank you for the clear explanation, Bayman!

Too bad the SHPress editor acted irresponsibly in presenting one side of the story. Here's hoping he reads your post and learns something new, that it is his responsibility to present the news and not his angle on the news! " Apr 25, 10 10:14 AM

2 thoughts here, Jose Hampton:

1) Seems to me you could be doing something more productive than hanging out at the bus stop keeping track of who rides it.

2) If this comment board is any indication, seems like the editors monitor this board for racist and ignorant views as closely as they value fair and balanced reporting! " Apr 25, 10 10:20 AM

So Kelly, Let's get this straight:

1) You spend time dining out.
2) You hold parties that are catered.
3) You fly to exotic locales to vacation.

Your comments concern me, because what it comes down to is that you are looking to scapegoat the hardworking people of HB, half of whom are employed by the school district. This includes not just teachers, but classroom aides, lunch monitors, custodians, and even local kids who come back to give back to their school.

Kelly, before you vote, you should have an honest conversation with yourself. Ask, is someone like yourself who admittedly vacations, has catered parties, and eats out at pricey steakhouses really feeling the pinch of the economy? We should all feel so "squeezed" as you do!" Apr 25, 10 10:37 AM

Kelly, hopefully you are sitting down. I got the info from YOU when I read your other posts.

Maybe its time you checked in with Kelly, Kelly. Your own issues seem to be confusing YOU.

Maybe its time you take another vacation.

Chances are, youll spend it judging situations you know nothing about (like your high school kid who couldnt write his name)." Apr 25, 10 1:36 PM