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County replaces Westhampton sex offender trailer despite town court challenge

I am new to this Westhampton Community and was not aware of this sex offender trailer problem. My opinion is to keep the trailors in Riverhead, by the courts, where they belong, on a permanent basis. The trailers and the sex offenders do not belong in residential areas, where people walk and children play.
Do these sex offenders leave the trailers during the day and if so, how do they travel to and from the trailers? Are they monitored by someone or just left to fend on their own. " May 9, 10 1:59 PM

Judge extends restraining order, preventing homeless sex offenders from staying in new Westhampton trailer

I can not imagine giving sex offenders $90.00 per day when there are honest, hard working people in some communities that live on less than that and do not receive any help from anyone.

Find a non- residential area (areas) and house them there, put them to work for that money and stop paying their taxi fares, supply them with bikes.

bas " Jun 18, 10 4:46 PM