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FAA to impose new regulations for helicopters

Today is Memorial Day, and from 4:17 pm to 4:22 pm, six helicopters and one lite plane flew over my property, and way under the height limit of 2500 ft.

Reading all the comments, I think there are many voting residents who live here permanently that can make a powerful case for the Atlantic route. It just makes sense - resulting in the least impact, and least noise. All other routes, pose more danger to homeowners and wildlife (ie the northwest sanctuaries). We need to send letters to Bishop and Schumer that these rules, without even an enforcement mechanism, are not adequate, and ensure us homeowners nothing in the longterm.

Several years ago, I recall the Atlantic route was being used but the Richies complained and the route was changed. It's really time to put an end to that kind of nonsense. Maybe the Richies should invest in technology that sliences helicopters instead of using their dollars and influence as political bribery.

Remember, the voters always win." May 31, 10 7:32 PM