Saunders, Real Estate, Hamptons

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UPDATE: Storm Lessens In Intensity; Should Make Landfall At 10 a.m.


1.Remember to remove the nets from the tennis courts.

2.Remember to get the signs in the basement that say "Private Property, No Refugees".

3.Remember to fill your underground gas tanks for generator.

4. Stock up on supplies such as champagne, scotch, caviar, truffles, and live lobsters.

5. Put the Porsche and the Bentley in garage, if the BMW fits fine, otherwise let it ride the storm out in driveway(s).

6. With roads potentially blocked, make sure your "escort girls" arrive before storm.

7. Inform butlers and maids in the event of an emergency they,ll be the ones taking the greatest risks.

8. Call local politician and remind him/her to clear your street first, you didn,t bankroll their campaign for nothing.

9. Remember cocaine and water don,t mix, keep dry.

10. Do not help your neighbors. A dead neighbor is a potential real estate deal." Aug 25, 11 1:49 PM

I will work on it stay safe " Aug 25, 11 7:00 PM

This Just in Breaking News!
President Barack Obama, says Hurricane Irene is all the Tea Parties Fault, and stems from the past Bush Administration." Aug 26, 11 1:05 PM