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Southampton Town code enforcement slaps landlord with 50 violations at six houses

I can say for certain that some of the homes have been rented out as summer rentals. The homes off of North Magee Street with the pool, tennis court, basketball, hot tub and many bedrooms have attracted "House Managers" who advertise on the internet and rent out beds by the weekend. That is where they gravy money is for the home owner and house managers. Perhaps renting out rooms to those in need during the winter months is meant as a kind gesture.....but the bottom line is these homes are profit centers meant to generate a lot of cash. " Jun 4, 10 2:40 PM

Celestino Gambino, founder of La Parmigiana, dies at 73

Who knew angles could cook so well. The Penne Ala Norcina has to be divinely inspired. Mr. G was the essence of calm and caring when you were in his presence be it at church or in La Parm, he was always the same. He made everyone feel like family. I wonder if he ever realized how famous La Parm had become. You can traval near and far and mention the name "La Parm" and people's mouth starts to water as they launch into the description of their favorite meals in great detail. As long as there is a La Parm he will live on forever, but it will never be quite the same." Jul 9, 10 1:00 PM

Hundreds Turn Out To Say Goodbye To 15-Year-Old Westhampton Beach Student

Max touched many lives in his short life. He will never be forgotten. " Oct 12, 11 8:36 PM

Eyewitnesses Share Experiences Moments Before Wrong-Way Driver Dies In Head-On Crash On Sunrise Highway In Westhampton

At the rate of speed the offending car was traveling all the while the lights of cars coming at him how could he not realize something was terribly wrong. Seems like this guy had a death wish. Mission accomplished I guess. By the grace of God it did not include anyone else. Thank you to all the rescue people and their families who gave up their New Year's Eve plans to help others. Blessings to all of the victims and near victims. " Jan 3, 12 5:24 PM

At Home With The Martins

I am beyond dismayed over the tone of this article. What could have been an interesting article about a talented couple who creatively transformed a 300+ year old house into a sleek and modern contemporary style house while retaining the charm of the original structure, turned into a mean spirited, derogatory,ego gratifying embarrassment for both the writer and the new owners. Have you all lost sight that this had been someone's home that had been filled with love and memories? So many people who live in this community had been welcomed and entertained in this home for years with abundant warmth and kindness. It is hard for us to restrain our anger over how the former owner has been hurt and humiliated by this article. To be so thoughtless as to refer to someone's home in print as "Horrible", "Scary", "Smelled of Death" to mention a few of the negative adjectives used. This article lacks in decency and decorum. Certainly a home of 300+ years has been renovated over the years to accommodate a family's needs and it will reflect the various eras in which it was completed. Instead of an architect referring to it as a "Neo-I'm-not-sure-what-look", I would have thought he could have commented on its good bones and strength of original character and with some creativity and TLC it can morph into a stunning beauty. Trust me, when the previous owners purchased the house, it did not look the way it did when you took over. The entire first floor had been totally changed, changes that I see you have kept and embellished upon. Every new owner takes it a step farther without having to tear down the whole house or tear down the previous owner. To have Mr. Martin commenting on the black snakes in the basement and adding with glee "everything was orange and black" makes the place sound like a Halloween nightmare. For the record, the kitchen and living room were painted a sunny yellow and the rest of the entire house was freshly painted white with dark floors with the exception of the second and third floor which had beige Berber carpeting. The white walls made the house feel clean and fresh. I can supply pictures should anyone's memory needs refreshing. As for the black snakes, in all the years I had been at the house I had never seen one. However, we do live in the country and the house does boarder on wetlands so it is possible snakes had moved in during the winter months. I don't consider that a reflection on the house but the fact we live in the country and snakes like a warm home too. As for the strange configuration of the bedrooms, every bedroom on the second floor had a door that opened onto the hall. How strange is that? When Mrs. Martin answered the question as to why"anyone would want to buy a house that seemed so scary and discombobulated" she left out because not only were they up for a project, but the owner had priced it more than fairly to reflect the work that was needed. As for the many people had viewed the house, this is true. However, it was far from being "a brokers nightmare." Brokers recognized the potential in the house and everyone was showing it to their customers because of its value. Because a lot of people saw the property is not a bad reflection on the house, it is just brokers doing their job. It is usually considered a good thing. Quite frankly, two different customers were very close to making an offer but they were not able to get the zone variance for the uses they wanted, Another woman was heartbroken she could not get her financing together because of a pending divorce as she so wanted the house. Personally, I feel because the house was on the market in the winter between 2007 and 2008 and the market had started to slow down, buyers were hesitant to make offers waiting to see where the economy was headed. Had one of the above conditions changed, you would not been so fortunate to be in the terrific house you are in today that you referred to as "an inside joke." The one thing that you did bring up that is true, the house is haunted. It has been for quite some time, but never by mean spirited spirits. I hope the thoughtless description of their home has not hurt their feelings. As for the feelings of the previous family being hurt, how could they not be humiliated to have their home held up in front of their community for entertainment and ridicule in print? If the new owners over exuberance to showcase all the work they have put into the house by over stating the before and after comparisons, then the writer of the article should have shown more sensitivity. In closing, I do want to congratulate the Martins on a job well done, with great vision from the start, the finished product is a true reflection of your talents. Three hundred years of architecture has been artfully blended into a cohesive contemporary blend. I don't have a clever architectural term to classify what has been accomplished, but I do think it is stunning, as does the previous owner. I am especially impressed with the unique dining table and how nice the chairs the owner left for you works with it. Mrs. Martin, I am glad you are enjoying the stove, I have turned out some great meals from that stove and it is a pleasure to use. Also, the kitchen and living room that was added by the former owner lends itself to a wonderful party space which I am sure you have experienced by now. Despite crushed feelings, the former owner is a very gracious person and still extends to you sincere best wishes for a wonderful life and continued happiness in your new home." Jan 6, 12 10:50 AM

Residents Still Contending With Traffic Delays In Hampton Bays

I am surprised they didn't wait till Memorial Day weekend!
" Apr 2, 12 1:22 AM

UPDATE: Suffolk County Crime Stoppers Offers Up To $5,000 Reward For Information Leading To Arrest Of Hit-And-Run Suspect

Will any of the many newspapers running this story take the time to have the articles translated and run in the local newspapers of the suspects home town and country for that matter, along with his name and picture? Considering he comes from a very religious country, perhaps the fact he killed a nun may make him a pariah even among his own people. Is there a reward for his capture set up yet? There must be someone in his country in need of money." Jul 20, 12 9:30 PM

Will any of the many newspapers running this story take the time to have the articles translated and run in the local newspapers of the suspects home town and country for that matter, along with his name and picture? Considering he comes from a very religious country, perhaps the fact he killed a nun may make him a pariah even among his own people. Is there a reward for his capture set up yet? There must be someone in his country in need of money." Jul 21, 12 2:02 AM

For A Young Bagpiper, Playing Means Belonging

What a wonderful article about a fine young man. A son every parent would be proud to claim, but it comes as no surprise he is Shea and Erin's son with lots of Irish heritage to draw from. Impressive !
" Mar 20, 15 12:33 AM