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Infamous Larry Rivers 'Legs' Sculpture In Sag Harbor Back In Spotlight

(Yes the ones at the parissh art depot )" Jun 7, 17 6:44 PM

PSEG Upgrades Catch Attention Of East Hampton And Southampton Town Officials

And a wind farm and all is green infrastructure on its way " Jun 21, 17 8:46 PM

Southampton Town Buys Waterfront Flanders Property; Historic House And Barn To Be Demolished

MAY i have the barn ??????" Jun 27, 17 12:11 PM

The property is about as BEAUTIFUL as one could imagine . There is a headstone there in fact.
The house is as sturdy and well constructed as could be possible .to call it anything less than than fixable isunfathomable
The property is about as beautiful as I've ever seen" Jul 2, 17 2:40 AM

Court Rejects Most Arguments Raised By Canoe Place Inn PDD Opponents; Neighbors To Appeal Decision

joe hampton wants more people here ..barf " Jul 4, 17 9:53 PM

Joe hampton s thinks condos make this a better place ..barf " Jul 4, 17 9:53 PM

Greek Festival Held Over Weekend In Southampton

How was this? Did anyone go? I wanted to but missed out .. was it held in their new stadium ?" Jul 18, 17 7:58 PM

Hampton Bays Diner Sold

Harlem is beautiful if you were intending an insult joke you are about 20years too late.
Sign should say Bienvenidos A Los Hamptons like the awesome one that used to be on the fence at Bellows Pond just north of OMH.
They ruined the Dinner when they renovated it" Jul 28, 17 6:38 PM

Long Island Automotive Museum Sold For $5.1 Million

It's so beautiful exactly as it is right now .. well they've cleaned it up a tad. .but thouse metal buildings are old, spatial and classic .. too bad it can't be kept just as is .. a rock or 2 and will be good as new ..they aren't in bad happens at all" Aug 2, 17 10:58 PM

Hampton Bays Diner Sold

Ya got me Mouthampton. . Cant respond above because i am typing on my cell phone on a bus .. again. Without my glasses. . So ill let you choose: typing or spelling or spellchecker or bumpy bus or no glasses ...
But 1st comment at the very top, i really enjoyed the similar error that gives us :
circulating the wagons .. thats brilliant !!" Aug 2, 17 11:09 PM

Long Island Automotive Museum Sold For $5.1 Million

I bet Rickenbacker knows ...." Aug 3, 17 7:44 PM

Norsic Is Buyer Of Former Long Island Auto Museum, Plans To Use $5 Million Property For Storage

May i open Norsic BBQ & Grille so people can get a decent family meal together and enjoy those wonderful old Q huts ??" Aug 10, 17 1:32 PM

Architects Chosen To Renovate Cedar Island Lighthouse In Sag Harbor

Stack 6 shipping containers nearby as an adjunct building ... " Aug 18, 17 6:28 PM

UPDATE: PDD Would Have Less Nitrogen Impact, According To Gobler's Latest Environmental Report On 'The Hills'

I still don't understand how entry way, 18 holes, club house, parking, maintenance sheds AND 188 condos fit on the very limited 156 acres ???? How ??" Aug 25, 17 9:01 PM

VOS the first thing i noted is the property with 1500 sq ft pool, 1500 sq ft deck, 3000sqft house 528 ft drive ... it doesn't add up. .. proportions do not work, drawn in magic marker. Wtf.
Same thing with the course ... can't bold a golf course on 165 acres ... let alone jam all that ancillary structures in there...
VOS don't you question this ?? " Aug 26, 17 5:01 PM

Their map shows the condos clustered in the center near the clubhouse, dump and 1st tee" Aug 27, 17 4:56 PM

No insinuations. . But ive always wondered how all those condos and golf facilities and course fit into that tight acreage .. no one ever answers. . We all know the smallest course on long Island and the largest. ... none of them have huge condo projects liked this one .. how does Discovery pull it off ??
Their FEIS map certainly suggests they can't.
Additionally, in their FEIS they have a building design with the dimensions i highlighted. . Both VOS and imrightyourwrong seem to suggest this doesn't make sense. . Yes i agree" Aug 27, 17 11:33 PM

Very nice offer. Sincerely, DH" Aug 28, 17 9:08 AM

VOS, i an referring in part to item 5 in the "DRAFT FEIS (Not Deemed Complete/Subject to Amendment)"
The Woodland Estate ..the drawing shows dimensions that don't make sense .. that need further clarification. .as:
3300 sq ft house .. not unusual, ok
1500 sq ft patio... huge
1500 sq ft pool, ... resort size
528 ft driveway .. how wide?? Incomplete info" Aug 29, 17 7:45 PM

Expert Says Wastewater From Septic Tanks Is Biggest Contributor Of Nitrogen To Lake Agawam

And the DDT cane in beautiful heavy burlap bags that were soaked to clean in the ponds ...

June Bug you should hear the story my neighbor (multi generational SH resident) treks about the guy who used to fish there ... he died of a horrible growth on his neck. ..chilling creepy sorry" Aug 29, 17 8:26 PM

In Villages And Towns, Side Jobs Are Common For Police And Officials--As Are Concerns About Conflicts

Side hustles shouldn't interfere w their overtime" Aug 31, 17 7:07 PM

UPDATE: PDD Would Have Less Nitrogen Impact, According To Gobler's Latest Environmental Report On 'The Hills'

Gobler has to have said that we are developing long Island as of right, right into the waste pool" Aug 31, 17 7:12 PM

Court Dismisses Suit Against Bowling Alley At East Hampton Indoor Tennis

Totta if you think there's nothing for kids to do in the Hamptons then wow .. and then if you think bowling, mini golf and tv solves it. . Double wow.
Make sure there's proper assure conditioning, wouldn't want kids to get uncomfortable while they are bowling on a nice day. " Oct 7, 17 1:49 PM

Sturgis you scare me ... I'm so stumped. .. all i will ask is, you can drop the kids off at the bowling alley but not the beach ??
Why no french fries and internet service at the beach ??
" Oct 9, 17 10:49 PM

As long as the mini golf has fries, air conditioning, Internet and a giant fake ship" Oct 10, 17 2:39 PM

East Hampton Planners Expected To Approve Energy Storage In Montauk

MESS ... Montauk Energy Storage Solution.
Its an obvious acronym." Mar 14, 18 8:21 PM

Southampton Town Trustees To Briefly Open Mecox Cut

Are the trustees selling the sand ??" Mar 30, 18 5:07 PM

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