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Southampton Town Officials Seek Opinion From State On Legality Of Trustees' Rose Hill Road Deal

Our local government please also write for an opinion on Shinnecock Golf Club already being allowed to block off the road that connects Tuckahoe Road to St Andrews. ..runs along the 10th Hole ... why why why are they allowed to let it fall into decay as if we all will forget about it ..
At least National hasn't yet been allowed to permanently acquire the beach area near their entrance. ..although they seemingly control access to the Scallop Pond which is definitely public and not private" Jun 22, 18 11:21 PM

Trustees' Battle Over Lettered Roads Continues In Southampton Village

When he says he " just doesn't get they logic." He is either lying or stup .. and he ain't stup .. he damn well gets the logic " Jul 7, 18 10:58 AM

How about the public road from Tuckahoe Road to StAndrews that Shinnevock has blocked off ??" Jul 10, 18 11:08 PM

Southampton Town To Install Surveillance Cameras At Town Parks, Facilities

"For public safety" .. poor rhetoric and logical fallacy. " Jul 11, 18 8:41 PM

East Hampton Raid Finds 32 Residents In Four-Bedroom House

Aeshtron wins best commrnt ever .. so sad he/she is so very correct" Aug 1, 18 5:35 PM

Town Trustees Open Mecox And Sag Cuts To Lower Water Levels, Flush Bays

Any one get to surf it ?? Did it create any standing waves?? Any of those dopes in the water realise how good it can get ??" Aug 24, 18 7:43 PM

I definitely would have if .... If ... If you was only here yesterday it was perfect .. There's no IF in LIFE ...uh, wait a second" Aug 28, 18 11:28 PM

Decision Expected Soon On Proposed 18-Hole Golf Course In East Quogue

If their definition is so vague already, they better define "golf course used only by the development’s residents"
Guests, outings, tournaments, employees, vehicles, chopper pad .." Sep 9, 18 9:58 AM

Southampton Town Highway Superintendent Wants To Reclaim Road From Shinnecock Hills Golf Club

Nice looking stretch of public road according to all the old old old maps..
Oh, and please Ask for 7M back rent for this summer" Sep 25, 18 8:48 PM

UPDATE: Opponents Raise Concerns Over Southampton ZBA's Decision To Approve East Quogue Golf Course As Recreational Amenity

Yes Turtle I wondered the same thing .. According to their own semantics & little tricky bylaws avoidance They always come to conclusion & vote without discussion ??
So childesh" Nov 16, 18 9:09 PM

Southampton Planning Board Anticipates Hiring Consultant To Review East Quogue Golf Resort By Month's End

Strange phrasing for a non biased review that hasn't happened yet ..
" If an additional review is not needed, Mr. Finnerty said the application could be approved as early as February or March. "" Jan 14, 19 9:34 PM

Planning Board Pushes Off Decision On Whether Additional Environmental Study Is Needed For East Quogue Golf Course Resort

I would love to know who the NIMBY is .. The development company from the west coast who won't build in their own locale or the locale here that says don't come here to build when you have plenty of land in Arizona" Mar 20, 19 12:41 PM

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