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Steve Bannon To Attend Fundraiser For Representative Lee Zeldin In December

Oh don't kid yourself June. It is our party that has the egg on its face !

Right now, I'd say we are total underdogs. I know this seems completely counter intuitive to you, I know you are consumed by your hate for Trump, and I know you are incapable of understanding why we lost and how they are on track to win in 2020.

A Democrat win will require a complete change in direction. The DNC has done nothing for my family or my country but make it harder to win or even maintain what we have. Your only message is "Trump colluded, Trump lied, Trump is a racist, homophobe , xenophobe, blah blah blah.

No positive message, or any message of any kind. Bernie 2020 !" Dec 9, 17 9:50 AM

Please lady there is nothing humble about your opinions. Face it you stole the candidacy from Mr. Sanders and payed the price.

Hillary operatives like you, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Donna Brazile own this mess." Dec 9, 17 1:22 PM

Oh please, Dan 27 post was obviously a head line and not plagiarism, stop with your smearing June. Know when to quit.You make yourself look bad." Dec 17, 17 3:40 PM

I for one enjoyed Mr. Matthews point of view. It's a shame these facts have come to light. They do not seem to terrible on the current scale of " Me Too" offenses. Maybe he will survive the storm. Based on only these facts I currently believe he should." Dec 17, 17 3:47 PM

Well lets see what do we know, We know that Hillary cheated in the democratic primary's to disenfranchise Mr Sanders from having a fair chance to get the parties nomination, We also know there was collusion with the Russians by crooked Hillary and the former administration. It seems very obvious to anyone who has looked into this story for themselves that Putin bought Hillary with the bribes to grease the Uranium One deal. the DNC worked with the Russians to smear Trump through Fusion GPS. We need a reality check and a reboot

Bernie 2020!" Dec 18, 17 9:11 AM

Really ? Why do you all still give the cancer that took over our party a free pass ? at least acknowledge the facts. The evidence on the Clinton's are embarrassing and honestly far outweigh anything DT has done. We need to look in the mirror and make positive changes instead of pretending this whole debacle was not our fault for running such a flawed candidate!" Dec 18, 17 9:17 AM

Russian asset ? Ignorant of the Constitution ? Murder? Compromised or electoral system ? Traitor ? Please June cant we stop talking about the Clinton's already !" Dec 20, 17 10:27 AM

Don't feel so safe there kiddies the MSM is not going to rest till they get your boy Trump, same has they got Nixon, It does not matter weather he is guilty or not look what they did to Bernie." Dec 31, 17 3:59 PM

I see Fore1gnBornHBgrown i should jus shut the f up and go back to living in the basement like hillary suggested ! Everyone inside the DNC that isn't a Bernie supporter or a non corrupt person HAS TO BE FIRED. The Dems will not win seats in 2018 or 2020 if the corrupt people in charge are not cleared out. Just ask Donna Brazile" Jan 2, 18 8:52 AM

Oh Pleaseee Junebug, We don't have time for personality politics anymore. We've got that right now. We've substituted personalities for expertise in this country. The election itself has to be an in depth debate about economic policy. That's not Oprahs skill set. It has to be a person who seriously worked in government and understands how government works.

Oprah is a talk show host with a long history of personal issues, Being able to make everyone cry, join a book club, or give out a free pair of leggings under there seats is not a Presidential requirement,

I couldn't tell you anything about her politics, what her economic analysis is, what her policy analysis is ??? Come on get real !

Winfrey's speech was largely tailored to Clinton supporters, suggesting her political approach would be in line with the crooked 2016 Democratic presidential nominee. Hillary Clinton would probably be her key adviser. She was a strong Clinton supporter, thats not a good association is it now ! We don't need another celebrity without government experience to replace the first reality television president. We need Bernie Sanders !" Jan 8, 18 6:02 PM

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