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South Fork Homeowners Prepay 2018 Property Taxes In Large Numbers To Avoid New Deduction Cap

This will surely expedite blue-state flight." Dec 29, 17 7:56 PM

Lets see how much longer NYers put up with public sector unions and their construction contracts as featured in the 12/28/17 issue of the New York Times." Dec 30, 17 3:37 AM

Parents React To Southampton High School Proposed Curriculum Changes

Its time for parents to sign up their children for the free, world-class education for everyone availible at khanacademy dot org." Jan 24, 18 10:23 PM

AT&T Sues East Hampton Town Over Denial Of Cellular Antenna On Iacono Farm Wind Turbine

Useful-idiots. Another term for liberals..." Feb 6, 18 6:34 PM

East Hampton Vigil Will Honor Lives Lost In Parkland, Florida

There ought to be a law prohibiting mass, premeditated first-degree murder." Feb 17, 18 4:14 PM

Six Democrats Campaign For Chance To Challenge U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin In November

Lol these candidates have more money in the bank than the DNC does" Feb 20, 18 6:37 PM

CVS Set To Open Next Month In Westhampton Beach

The above poster can hope and goof for all that. I hope, if and when, CVS buys United Healthcare they establish one of their health clinics there. Integrating a pharmacy, doctors office, and medical insurer under one roof could revolutionize the industry. What are little Barts and stagnant Rite Aid doing?
" Feb 28, 18 12:14 AM

State Senate Democrats Fail To Force Vote On Gun Safety Legislation

Never let a tragedy go to waste.- Rules for Radicals" Mar 3, 18 2:06 AM

East End High School Students Walk Out In Protest Of Gun Violence Wednesday

Its a good thing that our society has become so civilized those on the left forget why we have the second amendment. #2A4life" Mar 14, 18 9:35 PM

I just rewatched the movie Contagion. In it, Matty Damons character feels the need to pick up a long gun to protect him and his. His character was fortunate his neighbor had one. #2A4life" Mar 15, 18 3:31 PM

UPDATE: National Weather Service Predicts Up To A Foot Of Snow Wednesday

It is nearly 3:00PM and I can still see grass through the snow." Mar 21, 18 2:56 PM

UPDATE: Southampton And Sag Harbor To Participate In National Marches Protesting Gun Violence On Saturday

News 12 is reporting these events as protests for gun control and against school violence." Mar 23, 18 6:55 AM

Fred s. Thank you for your pedestrian observation and analysis." Mar 23, 18 8:48 PM

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