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Controversial Montauk 7-Eleven to open on Wednesday

A longtime resident of the east end, I just wish we could all get along by simply having a' local conscience' when infiltrating any business (as well as residential) region.

Think America! But act locally. That way future generations get to actually see a part of how it was 'back when...'

I hope Seven-11 makes an earnest effort to street clean its curbs, parking lot and every exterior area, as we do, ours. That will show just how community minded they truly are. I hope they take personal pride in bein a part of this last precious place.

Please install a natural / organic sign (like a surf board or wood...NOT RESIN).


" Sep 5, 10 6:16 AM

Yea, but that little corner of Sag Harbor's world looks so tacky. It doesn't 'belong' there.

*meaning this is my biased opinion. I live there and used it exactly once." Sep 5, 10 6:22 AM

...'we' locals. I'm a local too. Yes. It should put the market on its toes. This is America. Everyone gets to play." Sep 5, 10 6:27 AM

Do you own or rent?" Sep 5, 10 6:32 AM

If our needs are met already, in town, then a boycott isn't even necessary. Ignore them. They don't exist unless you patronize them." Sep 5, 10 6:34 AM

I agree with you. " Sep 5, 10 6:36 AM

Absolutely. How do we get started?" Sep 5, 10 6:37 AM

Competition is healthy and American. But Local consciousness is vital to saving the parts of the whole, if we love our country. Do we love our country?

Local Consciousness preserves America. Have it... or America dies." Sep 5, 10 6:41 AM

You are right. WE JUST NEED A LOCAL MENTALITY REQUIREMENT. Then everybody can operate in peace and with prosperity." Sep 5, 10 6:43 AM

Convenience is NOT progress. Its experimental suiside." Sep 5, 10 6:45 AM

BIG picture. Looking down from where the highest viewer sits...convenience has proven suicidal, self distructive. Its short term satisfactions more often leave long term scars.

Convenience is not the narrow gate to heaven." Sep 5, 10 6:49 AM

As politically challenging your comment rings, it is the medicine which has been administered and hopefully it will ' take ' to begin some healing of this convenience illness, AmeriCANs have. We gat what we want. The question is what are we wishing for?

I'll have a marijuana, expresso, cafe' mocha, latte, to go, please! Beam me up, Scottie." Sep 5, 10 6:56 AM

Ralph Lauren should give the course in corporate - local business. Don't ya think?

I'd rather drive by pretty mogel corporations than ugly ones." Sep 5, 10 7:00 AM

By local mentality; I mean Local people's feelings matter. They should hold some weight, by their elected officials, when new ideas come scouting into town.

We know the game. We all must be players and show up every single time, if we wish to preserve what we love. I don't buy that we can't." Sep 5, 10 7:10 AM

It was not necessary. You're right. But evidentally market research sees opporunity and everyonelocal was 'surfing' instead of acting on what was coming, in order to stop it.
" Sep 5, 10 7:20 AM

LOCALS didn't do anything to promote small business in that space. Did they?

My mother always told us we "have to be watch dogs. Nobody's going to do it for you."" Sep 5, 10 7:26 AM

Yes. That's correct. " Sep 5, 10 7:30 AM

I'm not. I choose Golden Pear." Sep 5, 10 7:35 AM

Look. Either you love American small business or you don't (care).

I vote with my purse. And my purse supports small business, most often." Sep 5, 10 7:37 AM

Porch living offers a mix of indoors and outdoors

This past winter we finally purchased a lovely home in Charleston, SC.
Not only do we have a porch, but we have a portico and a solerium with huge Charleston Green French doors. Sounds grand; right? Its not. It just feels grand." Sep 5, 10 7:57 AM

Our new winter home is actually the Historic Sag Harbor dwelling we could never afford, here. Its a Sag 10' ceiling, huge 5-piece moldings, historic style bungalo with very low taxes, intercoastal, wild-by-nature scenery and sandy ocean beaches. The down side? Its far from our east end of Long Island, where big bucks have sewed up all desireable territories. And there are virtually no farm stands.

" Sep 5, 10 8:06 AM

Notes from Montauk, September 8

Joan, So why are you adding to the press? Everyone came to Montauk for the obvious reasons. One of them being, who wouldn't wish to work and to build a business where she loves to be? So all Americans may have the same opportunities as Montauk Natives have enjoyed for years. When something like Seven-Eleven opens, it fills the gap which local native businesses don't provide. It knows its market's needs and cashes in on those needs. That's what is upsetting the apple cart. Grocery markets which will not (or physically cannot) be open in the wee hours to accommodate customers will open doors to new-comers. So those who are doing the moat campaigning are the ones who have invited corporate headquarters to come. We all love a mom-pop community and wish for it to remain forever. But America offers this opportunity to all who are willing to do the work, involved. Blaming anyone but oneself is simply not inorder. And blaming a huge sporting goods store for selling out to up-Island mentalities??? That sporting good store IS up-Island, itself...and its been both here and in Rocky Point for several years." Sep 11, 10 5:06 AM

Water Mill man is a 'Survivor'

Congratulations to an AmeriCAN who appears to know no limits, takes nothing for granted and goes for it all! " Sep 11, 10 9:15 AM

7-Eleven may have its eye on Montauk

Its sad that the beginning [of corp. businesses] equals the end [of historic communities]. I wish this didn't equate. But lets be fair. 1. We are Americans.
2. That equates to opportunity for all. 3. Nobody owns Montauk. 4. When a community actively partakes in government, the likelihood of such things is lessened." Sep 12, 10 8:56 AM

Waterfront camping a hit in Montauk

Great Idea! I'd be interested to know if there is a monthly rate for a Montauk retailer who loves retreating after a hard day's night." Sep 12, 10 9:12 AM

Little impacts to groundwater at Bridge Golf

The testing of this water should never be relaxed but improved with the suggestions of the Town's scientist and SCWA. " Sep 28, 10 6:24 PM

Woman pleads not guilty to grand larceny and writing bad checks to East End businesses

Guess it would help if her hubby was a judge." Oct 2, 10 5:13 PM