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Three Republican candidates will battle on Tuesday for right to challenge Bishop in November

So an Offshore Outsourcing Pioneer and Enemy of All American Workers is Actually Running for Congress on Long Island, New York! Are LI'ers MORONS? Randy Altschuler of NJ (who tried to grease the skids to run for Congress in NJ first but was rejected) is a former top firm investment banker who made a FORTUNE offshoring American jobs from NYC to India utilizing his company, OfficeTiger, which he formed with another investment banker. Randy Altschuler SPECIFICALLY USED HIS CONNECTIONS AS AN INVESTMENT BANKER TO TARGET BACK-OFFICE JOBS IN NYC when he created his company OfficeTiger. And he wants to represent us, the people whose jobs he targeted to send to India? Can you imagine what he will do if he is elected to Congress with those connections? Nothing good for the middle class, that's for sure! Beware: If you still have a job and your job can be done remotely by COMPUTER or by TELEPHONE, Randy Altschuler wants to put you on the unemployment line and send your former job offshore for his own profit! OfficeTiger started with back-office investment bank work and has since branched out to sending higher and higher levels of white-collar work currently done in the USA to India and other low-cost labor markets. His business is putting more and more Americans out of work, preferably permanently. The only employees he will hire in the USA or Europe are salespeople to go out and convince other businesses to offshore jobs to OfficeTiger. So for every job he "created" as a New York businessman, literally thousands have gone offshore permanently. All so HE and his business partner can have more money than they would be able to spend if their lifespan was 1,000 years! Long Island would be a LAUGHINGSTOCK of the whole country if it elected a Congressman who has made it his life's mission to put thousands of NY'ers and other Americans out of work! Don't turn this outsourcing virus carrier loose on the entire nation, Conservatives and Republicans! Have mercy on the USA!" Sep 9, 10 2:57 PM