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2 Comments by Ron Babula

Lucy Baxter Ham dies at 90

On approaching old age, revisiting the past seems to occur more often. And in so doing, a handful of individuals who have had lasting and benevolent influences on one's life comes to mind. Mrs. Lucy Ham, my former guidance counselor at Southampton High School, is on my list. After having left Southampton some 40 years ago, I still remember her smile, kindness, and helpfulness on entering the guidance office--whether searching for guidance, needing help with college applications, or just wanting to say hello. My school days have long ended, although my remembrances of Mrs. Ham and her dedication to students' welfare have not. I hope young people today still have such dedicated, considerate, and caring teachers as Mrs. Ham. If so, then those young people are indeed fortunate. Ronald Babula " Sep 23, 10 1:54 PM

Celebrating The 50th Anniversary Of A Legendary Streak That May Never Be Surpassed

I was born and raised in the Southampton area and lived there until 1971 when we left the area. I spent my first three years of high school at SHS. It was a thrill to read the article and see the photos and video. After a lapse of so many years, I had almost forgotten how awesome Mr. Romanosky and the SHS team were. Thanks for reporting the article." Mar 15, 18 9:15 PM