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Southampton Town Bars Police Officers From Political Committees, Stiffens Penalty For Illegal Rentals

Did you know that the Town Code Agency has a WHOLE FLOOR of a big office building across from the Southampton Inn? MAny jobs to justify, don't you think?

i am one of the people who rents short term. Doing so saved me when no one was coming out here a few years back. I am quite good at it and have a team of maids and handymen, pool and lawn and trash people I pay.
Sometimes I have a party group, but we keep the music in the house after 10 pm. No one leaves drunk. We stay safe.
The Hamptons was always the FUN destination. Now all the homeowners and real estate Agents who have been making a living from these rentals are in FEAR. The Tenants are in FEAR.

I pay over $6,000 yearly in taxes to Souhampton. I Vote here, want the right to VOTE on these issues. Waht do you think?" May 31, 13 7:50 AM

Sag Harbor Art Fest Will Be Held On New Year's Eve

Is that the correct phone number for Bryan Downey?
" Dec 28, 14 3:41 PM

New Listing Exchange Is Being Pitched To Local Real Estate Brokers

I went to eastendlistingexchange.com and got some truth finder. What is this?" Oct 5, 16 10:45 PM

UPDATE: Guldi Released Without Bail As Prosecutors Appeal Ruling That Threw Out Felony Conviction

A wrong turn in thinking still deserves a fair administration of justice.. How did the Defense find out about the Juror? I am not surprised by Suffolk DA improprieties." Jul 8, 17 9:13 AM