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At Home With Don and Maggie Sullivan

Could'nt The Press have chosen a better time to share The Sullivans at home with the local public? To share a cover story on the same edition as The Reister family's most heartwarming and heartwrenching news of giving. To then see on the next section the pictures of the owners of the place where all of the Reisters misfortune took place. Bad Choice, Southampton Press, shame on you for having no consideration for the first IMPORTANT story. You lost alot of respect from many loyal readers on that decision!!" Dec 30, 08 10:42 AM

Homicide victim's last act was a generous one

God Bless this family for having such courage and class. what a truly wonderful story of taking a bad and making it into a good. But this has to be brought to attention as well. Why in the bad taste of the publishers of this normally wonderful newspaper. Is on the other "big news' of the week, a picture and TWO PAGE article highlighting the Sullivans new home? The very owners of the establishment where Mr.Reister lost his life. Come on have we become that inconsiderate of a society where such two different topics can be on the same cover of the newspaper? Shame on The Press for not seeing the irony. Maybe the one family needs the Good publicity right now, but really on the same edition? Poor Taste I say. I suppose The Reisters have been delt with so much already so they will be able to handle this too. But really, totally un acceptable news share!!! God Bless the recipients of Mr. Reisters most generous gift..." Dec 30, 08 10:56 AM

UPDATE: Driver Charged With DWI In Fatal Car Crash

It has become all too familiar and quite the norm for this to be happening with such young people. In reading the comments one person said it takes two to tango..yes, maybe true...but if the driver WAS responsible, she would have called a cab or get someone to have picked them up. Since she DID NOT...SHE is GUILTY...End of story. Regardless whether the deceased was intoxicated or not. Funny thing is one family LOST their child..The young woman will get a little slap on the wrist and be on her way... to more drinking and partying as you all know she will. Hopefully she will learn from this and actually act her age and become a RESPONSIBLE DRIVER!!! This is too sickening..how these drunk drivers kill and get off with not much more then their name in the paper and a bail posted. Its a joke and very sad for the deceased. Bless the young mans family..." Apr 22, 14 8:38 PM