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Town Issues Warning Tickets To Leaf Rakers

HAHA thats funny. The idea that the students helping the elderly and the infirmed didnt get off the ground - No pun intended right?" Nov 19, 10 10:34 AM

Garden Club Plants Idea To Line Agawam Park With Cherry Trees

I think it would be great if the Garden Club would be able to do this project. They have done nothing but great improvements with Southampton Village and their eye for beautification has been for the best. Good luck and I hope that this idea goes forward to enhance the WWI momument and thank our veterans for their service and besides also making this area a warm and appreciative destination." Mar 14, 11 10:30 AM

William Berkoski Jr. Dies At 56; Services Announced

Bill was a great person and truly a valuable person to this community. Always one to help you with his smile, his business, or even a good conversation. When he asked what he could donate once for a benefit I was putting together of course I said I needed ice. When he asked me and found out how big the event was he said he would have to register a truck back on the road just to get the ice there since it was off season. Talk about someone who was always so commited to things he did. God Bless You & Your Family" Mar 16, 11 2:27 PM

Scared Juror, Medical Evidence Slanted Jury Says Oddone Attorney In Appeal

Oh and whats the next thing FRANCES OKA is gonna say, MICKEY MOUSE made my son become a drug addict and dealer too. Who brought the firearms raid to her house in October - Daffy Duck or was it really her husband? If she's got blood on her hands from the money that MR. WOLINSKY is giving her so they can get an appeal I'm sure she can rest assure that all eye's are on her now by making these ridiculous comments. I hope you can sleep at night causing pain to an already open wound thats trying desperately to heal. These "guys" (MR. WOLINSKY HIS MALE PARTNER) are really starting to stoop really low." May 5, 11 5:01 PM

Southampton Man Charged With DWI After Driving Wrong Way On Sunrise Highway

He is an absolutey kind and generous person. Please don't rush to judgemet just yet. It's unfortunate but considering the circumstances thank god no one was hurt. Just remember, if this is because of bad judgement, we can always learn from each others mistakes." Sep 16, 11 4:10 PM

Appeals Court Denies New Trial For Oddone But Reduces Sentence

Why doesnt the paper write things that bring the best out of people and not remind the freinds and family of Andrew Reister of what was the most horrible times of their lives. How about you and your team going into the round table in your back office and instead sticking your boogers underneath the table and confer with one another about the direction of which you have written these past articles. How about writing about how Andrew saved so many lives with his organs being donated or how he was such a great family man or maybe the respect of the inmates that he was around everyday and some of the lives he may have changed or even the jokes and smiles he put on peoples faces. Hey i dont act like i am a newspaper writer and surely you dont show any qualifications with such but maybe its time for you to recuse yourself from any articles pertaining to Andrew and let someone who has some compassion write them instead. Sincerely, JAMES T. REISTER" Nov 11, 11 1:13 PM


Southampton Town Police Officer Bitten By Man Resisting Arrest

Thank you PO Kristian Lorusso for protecting our citizens from the Bowels of Society! He didn't just show up for work, he did his work!
" Feb 22, 12 8:59 AM

Southampton School District Officials Do Away With Val And Sal

And you'll wonder why someone shot up a companies executives and employees when they didn't get the job because they cant take rejection. Very unfortunate that this is how are schools are run nowadays." Nov 28, 12 5:04 PM