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Hampton Bays Library $2.23 Million Budget Approved By Voters Tuesday Aug 12, 15 12:37 PM

The Hampton Bays Public Library’s $2.23 million operating budget for 2016 was approved, 202-48, on Tuesday night.

The... more

Pedestrian Struck In Hampton Bays Early Sunday Morning Aug 12, 15 12:37 PM

A pedestrian was hit by a taxi and seriously injured early Sunday morning on Montauk Highway in Hampton Bays, according to Southampton... more

Volunteers Knock Down House Fire In Hampton Bays Saturday Aug 12, 15 12:37 PM

A small house fire was put out at 28 Bittersweet Avenue in Hampton Bays on Saturday afternoon by the Hampton Bays Fire Department.... more

Ambulance Chief Defends Crew In Wake Of Death At Rogers Beach In Westhampton Beach Aug 12, 15 12:32 PM

The chief of the Westhampton War Memorial Ambulance, whose crew members were criticized by some witnesses for the speed of their... more

Westhampton Beach High School Alumni Organize Centennial Reunion Aug 12, 15 12:25 PM

A collection of Westhampton Beach High School alumni are organizing a grand reunion for everyone who graduated from their alma... more

Flanders Man Accused Of Beating Pregnant Girlfriend Due In Court Friday Aug 12, 15 11:54 AM

The Flanders man accused of beating his pregnant girlfriend so badly that she had to have an emergency delivery had choked her... more

Southampton School District Will Receive Bridgehampton Gateway's Property Tax Revenue Aug 12, 15 11:52 AM

The planned Bridgehampton Gateway project—and, specifically, where its tax revenues will go—was on the minds of members... more

Sag Harbor District Set To Start School 10 Minutes Later Aug 12, 15 11:44 AM

After evaluating at least six different options over the last year to start school later in the day, the Sag Harbor School Board,... more

Southampton Town Water Protection Plan Hearing Held Open Aug 12, 15 11:29 AM

The Southampton Town Board has opted to keep open a public hearing about a proposed, and at times controversial, water protection... more

'From Freedom To Slavery' Event Will Take Place In Southampton Village This Weekend Aug 12, 15 11:29 AM

It has been centuries since anyone lived in the Thomas Halsey house on South Main Street in Southampton Village—but on Saturday,... more

State Denies Citarella's Liquor Store Application Aug 12, 15 11:21 AM

The State Liquor Authority has denied an application submitted by Citarella to open a liquor store in the back of its Hampton Road... more

Sag Harbor Partnership Launches Walking Tour App Aug 12, 15 10:45 AM

The launch of a Sag Harbor Walking Tours app will give visitors a new way to connect to the community—with multiple... more

Southampton Town Rejects Bids For Good Ground Park Phase One Aug 12, 15 10:45 AM

The Southampton Town Board voted to reject all bids for the first phase of the Good Ground Park project on Tuesday, saying the... more

Natural Gas Line Will Limit Traffic On Road In Sagaponack Aug 12, 15 10:45 AM

Scotline Drive in Sagaponack will be closed to non-resident traffic for roughly the next two weeks while a natural gas line is... more

Southampton School District Hopes To Help Students Boost AP Scores This Year Aug 12, 15 10:23 AM

Southampton School District officials are looking to develop a strategy this year aiming to help boost scores for students on Advanced... more
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