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Southampton Fire Department Holds Main Street Drill Apr 18, 17 2:09 PM

The Southampton Fire Department conducted a large-scale training exercise on Monday evening on at Herrick Hardware and surrounding... more

Health Officials Warn Of Tick-Borne Meat Allergy Prevalent On East End Apr 18, 17 1:00 PM

Lyme disease is arguably the most well-known tick-borne illness, but another—a meat allergy, spread by ticks—has begun... more

Zeldin Appointed Finance Chairman at NRCC Apr 18, 17 12:55 PM

U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin has been appointed to a new position at the National Republican Congressional Committee, or NRCC.more

Bonac Alumnus Earns a Pulitzer, Got His Start At Tiny Bridgehampton Newspaper Apr 18, 17 12:46 PM

Thomas Peele, a 1979 graduate of East Hampton High School, won a Pulitzer Prize for breaking news on April 10 for his team’s... more

Debra Winter Is Coming: Springs School Appoints New Superintendent Apr 18, 17 11:18 AM

The Springs School District will have a new superintendent this summer: Debra Winter.

The School Board appointed Ms. Winter... more

Westhampton Beach Village Budget Will Not Pierce State Tax Cap Apr 17, 17 3:50 PM

There are no surprises with this year's Westhampton Beach Village $10.4 million budget that was unanimously adopted on Thursday... more

Local Meals On Wheels Organizations Soldier On Apr 17, 17 2:07 PM

It’s 8:30 in the morning, an early start at Dreesen’s Catering in East Hampton. Nevertheless, Frank Eipper is packing... more

Community News, April 20: What's Happening In Your Neighborhood Apr 17, 17 1:17 PM

Throughout our community there is evidence of the good work of local Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. And there’s more... more

Sagaponack Bridge Repairs Nearing Completion Apr 17, 17 10:43 AM

As repairs to the historic Sagg Bridge in the Village of Sagaponack wrap up, officials continue to push to have the work finished... more

East Quogue Teenager Finds Independence Aboard A Horse Apr 15, 17 11:53 AM

When Lauren Reischer was 5 years old, stiffness on the right side of her body caused by cerebral palsy made it impossible for her... more

Military Buffs Peer Into Camp Hero's Hidden Secrets Apr 12, 17 5:17 PM

Camp Hero is hiding secrets.

But it’s not aliens or nuclear weaponry that are concealed behind the stalwart concrete... more

Additional South Fork Train Service Plans Near Finalization Apr 12, 17 12:02 PM

More transportation options are being discussed for the South Fork as officials finalize details of a proposed “commuter... more

Newly Legal Uber Has 50,000 Drivers Ready To Roll, Thanks To New Statewide Agreement Apr 11, 17 6:02 PM

State lawmakers this week adopted legislation that will allow ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft to start operating throughout... more

Beth Young Takes Her On Online Publication To The Next Level: Print Apr 11, 17 5:22 PM

Why jump back to print?

That’s the obvious question for Beth Young, who—after getting her journalistic feet... more

New York City Backs East Hampton In Town's Supreme Court Petition To Exert Local Control At Airport Apr 11, 17 5:09 PM

The City of New York last week lent its considerable legal weight to East Hampton Town’s petition to the U.S. Supreme Court,... more
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