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Hayground School News, February 5 Feb 2, 15 11:11 AM

Hayground School

Students in Marybeth Pacilio’s class have started exploring slavery... more

Southampton Upgrades Counselling Program To Reach More Students Earlier Jan 28, 15 9:58 AM

The Southampton School District counseling team has made several changes over the course of the school year to improve student... more

Tuckahoe-Southampton Tuition Decision Postponed Jan 27, 15 5:13 PM

Scheduled discussions between the Tuckahoe and Southampton boards of education had to be postponed this week due to the impending... more

Parents, Community Members Question Future Of Sports At East Hampton Athletic Forum Jan 27, 15 2:27 PM

Parents of current and former athletes sounded off to the East Hampton School Board at a forum last week about the lack of school... more

Ross School Seniors Explore A Range of Topics With Senior Projects Jan 27, 15 1:34 PM

Among the students at the Ross School, you will find novelists, engineers, musicians, designers and scientists. They may... more

Phillips Avenue School Opens Food Pantry In Riverside Jan 27, 15 11:16 AM

When Jeanne-Marie Mazzaferro noticed that many of her students were asking for extra snacks during her lessons this past... more

Hayground School News, January 29 Jan 26, 15 6:16 PM

Hayground School

Erin O’Connor’s students have been reading poems about winter.... more

Springs School News, January 29 Jan 26, 15 1:08 PM

Springs School

As reported by the Journalism Club

Led by Kristy LaMonda, the functional academics team of Paula... more

Sag Harbor Elementary School News, January 29 Jan 26, 15 11:10 AM

Sag Harbor Elementary School

Ten Sag Harbor Elementary School students have been recognized... more

Bridgehampton School News, January 29 Jan 26, 15 9:26 AM

Bridgehampton School

The Killer Bees boys varsity basketball team is undefeated and ranked... more

Southampton School News, January 29 Jan 23, 15 1:46 PM

Garrett Pike has been selected as the January Rotary Student of the Month. A member of National Honor Society, Foreign Language... more

Tuckahoe School News, January 29 Jan 23, 15 12:52 PM

Tuckahoe School

Tuckahoe dads and their daughters are invited to the PTO’s Father/Daughter... more

Police Still Investigating Bomb Threat Against Southampton High School Jan 21, 15 12:24 PM

Southampton Village Police are still looking for those responsible for a bomb threat made against Southampton High School last... more

Southampton High School May Try Out Program To Allow Some Athletes To Skip Some Gym Classes Jan 21, 15 11:44 AM

Southampton High School is considering a pilot program this spring that would allow certain varsity athletes to swap their regular... more

Schools' Tuition Agreement With East Hampton To Expire, Springs To Consider Options Jan 20, 15 6:13 PM

Springs School will be facing an important decision this spring as it comes to the end of its four-year tuition contract with the... more
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