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Quogue - Obituaries

Emily E. Whalen Of Quogue Dies September 8 Sep 12, 16 11:19 AM

Emily E. Whalen of Quogue died on September 8 of complications from pneumonia. She had just celebrated her 90th birthday.

Mrs.... more

Cletus Kurt Odom Of Quogue Dies May 21 May 23, 16 4:42 PM

Cletus Kurt Odom of Quogue died on May 21. He was 56.

Survivors said he loved the outdoors, nature and the beaches of... more

Amy Elizabeth Gardner Of Quogue Dies May 17, 16 2:17 PM

Amy Elizabeth Gardner died in April at her home in Somerville, Massachusetts. She was 58.

Born in Long Beach, California,... more

Susan McAllister Of Quogue Dies March 4 Apr 26, 16 1:34 PM

Susan McAllister of Quogue died on March 4 in Palm Beach, Florida.

Susan McAllister and her husband, Bruce, arrived in... more

Andrew G. Couch Of Quogue Dies April 14 Apr 19, 16 2:48 PM

Andrew Gerard Couch of Quogue and Manhattan died on April 14 at the Westhampton Care Center.

Mr. Couch was born in 1929... more

Carol Bick Tolley Of Quogue Dies April 6 Apr 15, 16 2:01 PM

Carol Lee Bick Tolley of Quogue died April 6 at the Westhampton Care Center. She was 92.

Born June 19, 1923, she was the... more