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Fall Fishing Now Aug 14, 18 10:42 AM

It is hot and steamy, but it sure seems like the fish think fall is coming up the front walk, if not already knocking on... more

Big Tuna Hanging Around For Hamptons Offshore Invitation Week Aug 7, 18 9:22 AM

For the second week in a row, the seas calmed after several days of hard southwesterlies, and the offshore fleet was right... more

Night Stripers And Mix And Match Bottom Fishing Jul 31, 18 11:27 AM

It’s August, and while the big-game crews are singularly focused on locating the tuna along the deep contours of the... more

The Best Of iCast 2018 Jul 26, 18 4:07 PM

Last year, I marveled at the number of harebrained ideas for new fishing products that I saw at iCast 2017, the fishing industry... more

Epic Tuna Fishing Returns Jul 17, 18 9:19 AM

The big game fishing in the canyons south of the South Fork continues to be nothing short of epic for the third week, and... more

Calm Seas And Superb Fishing Jul 10, 18 10:01 AM

It has been a great week to own a boat.Mother Nature has nary kicked up a ripple on the sea in nearly a week, and fish species... more

You Can Find It At The Tackle Shop Jul 3, 18 10:51 AM

Summer is here, and there is fishing to be done, and fishing tackle to be bought.This week, I would like to take a few words... more

Giant Striped Bass Arrive On Ocean Side Jun 26, 18 12:27 PM

Well, the South Fork finally got a taste of the spectacular striped bass fishing that the New York Bight has been enjoying... more

Tunas And Big Sharks Hit The Scales Jun 19, 18 10:54 AM

Offshore fishing blew up this past week, either because the big pelagics finally got within range of South Fork inlets or... more

Bigger Bass But Fewer Fluke Jun 12, 18 9:11 AM

Striped bass are getting bigger, fluke are getting more scattered, and black sea bass are getting just downright maddening.Big... more
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