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More On What Should Be Done With Striped Bass Mar 19, 19 11:48 AM

More on ways to cut down on the number of stripers that are killed each year—this is about to become the biggest debate... more

One Hook, Two Hooks, Three Hooks No More Mar 19, 19 9:17 AM

This is tackle maintenance season, and so I’d like to ask all you anglers—surfcasters, especially—to hunker... more

Striped Bass Stock Assessment Reveals Difficult Problems For Future Mar 5, 19 5:13 PM

“Drastic” is a word that has been used a lot recently with regard to the extent of reductions in striped bass... more

Waterfowl Season Will Start Earlier In 2019 Feb 26, 19 1:53 PM

It’s the end of February and on the few days this past week when I didn’t think I should have gone and played... more

Winter Travels And Trevails Feb 19, 19 10:41 AM

Another February school break, another hot bluefin tuna bite in North Carolina, and another poor winter of codfishing in... more

A Better Mousetrap Was Waiting To Be Built Feb 5, 19 10:57 AM

Last week, as I was cleaning out my old truck, among the things I stumbled on were several bucktails that had clearly been... more

Taking Inventory Of A Move Jan 29, 19 10:34 AM

My truck died an untimely death last week. Like a professional athlete at the peak of human physical condition who dies of... more

The Economy Of Failed Fisheries Jan 22, 19 6:54 AM

To see the economic impact of sound—or, at least, successful—fisheries management, one need only look to Montauk... more

Southampton Native Mandel Pettus Heads To His First Professional Bass Fishing Tournament Jan 15, 19 2:57 PM

It is rare enough that we get to fulfill our dreams. And rarer still when the dreams one forms as a youth gaze to a life... more

State Sues Over Commercial Fluke Limits; Will Sea Bass Be Next? Jan 15, 19 12:17 PM

New York is punching up at federal regulations that are unfairly hamstringing its fishermen again.Governor Andrew Cuomo and... more
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