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Nature Observations

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The Bullfrog Oct 15, 18 2:45 PM

Brian Frank sent me several photos of a very small frog found in his window well earlier this month. Knowing that bullfrogs... more

The Common Garter Snake Oct 9, 18 9:54 AM

Dai Dayton, president of the Friends of the Long Pond Greenbelt, came across a small bundle of snakes sunning themselves... more

Late September Sightings Oct 1, 18 11:16 AM

Although it was the last weekend in September, and officially autumn, this past weekend had to rate as one of the best beach... more

Observations On The Milkweed Ecosystem Sep 24, 18 3:20 PM

As happens every September, my backyard milkweed plants are covered in bright yellow-orange colored aphids called oleander... more

The Portuguese Man-of-War Sep 17, 18 3:03 PM

In addition to creating big surf, Hurricane Florence created a few days of strong easterly winds that pushed a few Portuguese... more

The Fall Webworm Sep 10, 18 2:04 PM

I received several inquiries over the past week about the unsightly silken webs spun around the tips of tree branches. Most... more

The Transition From Summer To Fall Sep 4, 18 8:56 AM

With ocean and bay temperatures both registering a very comfortable mid-70s, and the post-Labor Day forecast calling for... more

August Sightings Aug 28, 18 10:07 AM

Among my favorite places to take a “nature walk” is the ocean beach, one of the very few inhospitable habitats... more

Exploring Northwest Harbor Aug 21, 18 6:35 AM

I spent two days last week with South Fork Natural History Museum’s Director Frank Quevedo and a dozen students from... more

August Sightings Aug 13, 18 11:54 AM

It’s been a hot August so far. The National Weather Service station in Islip has the average daily temperatures from... more
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