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Nature Observations

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August Sightings Aug 13, 18 11:54 AM

It’s been a hot August so far. The National Weather Service station in Islip has the average daily temperatures from... more

A Different Look At Leaves Aug 6, 18 12:21 PM

I spent five days last week at the Eagle Hill Natural History Institute in Maine, studying insect “sign” under... more

Sailor’s Soap And Flatfish Jul 31, 18 9:56 AM

Last week’s low pressure kicked up some big surf and tossed unusual-looking, white, tennis ball-sized pieces of material.... more

Nature Sightings Jul 23, 18 12:39 PM

The strong and steady easterly wind that blew on Friday and Saturday greatly inhibited the outgoing (ebb) tides and enhanced... more

Mid-July Sightings Jul 17, 18 9:24 AM

In last week’s column I forgot to mention that our white-tailed deer have figured their way around another “bomb-proof”... more

Long Island’s Resilient Deer Jul 9, 18 3:53 PM

Long Island’s largest terrestrial mammal, the white-tailed deer, has proven to be very resilient and adaptable to man-made... more

Nature Paddle Sightings Jul 2, 18 11:53 AM

Very few animals seemed to be moving around during last Saturday’s nature paddle with Peconic Land Trust to Big Fresh... more

Some Wildlife Encounters Jun 25, 18 1:44 PM

Taking a shortcut to the southwest corner of Long Pond in the Long Pond Greenbelt, I was moving quickly along the power line... more

Turtle And Fish Encounters Jun 18, 18 1:39 PM

En route to Riverhead and the North Fork to survey several potential otter sites, I stopped at Meeting House Creek Park on... more

Encounter With The Owlet Jun 11, 18 12:53 PM

Last week, East Hampton Town Trustee and wildlife removal and rescue professional Dell Cullum posted a video pertaining to... more
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