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Nature Observations

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Turtle And Fish Encounters Jun 18, 18 1:39 PM

En route to Riverhead and the North Fork to survey several potential otter sites, I stopped at Meeting House Creek Park on... more

Encounter With The Owlet Jun 11, 18 12:53 PM

Last week, East Hampton Town Trustee and wildlife removal and rescue professional Dell Cullum posted a video pertaining to... more

Pollen Days Jun 4, 18 11:14 AM

Sunday morning’s cold front cleared out the fog and humidity, and the northerly wind dried things out enough to fill... more

Bonac Creek Field Trip: Part II May 28, 18 1:35 PM

“Hey, there’s a turtle!” came the excited cries of several students. I was kneeling down on the landward... more

A Field Trip To Bonac Creek May 22, 18 12:02 PM

Bald eagles are relatively early nesters, and Mashomack’s pair is now busy feeding two chicks. Meanwhile, some of our... more

The Chickadee: A Tiny Bird With An Indomitable Spirit May 15, 18 1:53 PM

The transition from winter to spring here on eastern Long Island takes place so slowly that one needs to carefully scan the... more

May Sightings And Otter Sign May 7, 18 4:17 PM

Participants at last Saturday’s workshop on surveying for river otter sign met at the Arshamomaque Preserve in Southold,... more

April Sightings Apr 30, 18 3:40 PM

While searching for spotted turtles over the weekend, we got good looks at a variety of birds of prey—turkey vultures,... more

The River Otter’s Main Predator: The Motor Vehicle Apr 24, 18 10:48 AM

Last Tuesday, I received a phone call from Sean Keenan. Early that morning, while driving west on Route 58 (aka Old Country... more

Mid-April Sightings Apr 17, 18 10:13 AM

The colors that are most conspicuous in the East End landscape in mid-April mainly stem from non-native plants: the bright... more
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