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Nature Observations

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June Sightings Jun 27, 17 10:57 AM

Topping the list of sightings reported to me over the month of June were those of turtles, and the majority of those were... more

Our Owl-Like Hawk Jun 20, 17 12:34 PM

While on a beach run in East Hampton Village recently, I caught sight of a large bird carcass in the wrack line. Although... more

Encounters With New York's Official State Reptile Jun 13, 17 9:02 AM

While kayaking one of the shallow coves in Mecox Bay just after sunset, I heard a loud series of splashes and turned to investigate.... more

June Sightings Jun 6, 17 11:37 AM

June marks the peak of turtle nesting season on Long Island, and this is the time of year to be most alert for turtles crossing... more

Birds On The Beach May 23, 17 2:42 PM

While monitoring plover and tern nesting sites last week, East Hampton Town Natural Resources Department staff happened upon... more

Notes On The Bullfrog May 16, 17 9:14 AM

The bullfrog (Rana catesbeiana) is the largest frog in North America, averaging 4 to 6 inches in length (snout to vent) with... more

May Nature Sightings May 9, 17 11:46 AM

As I pulled into the boat access for the first nature paddle of the year last week, I noticed three white-tailed deer wander... more

Paper Wasps May 2, 17 11:25 AM

National Weather Service data recorded at Islip for April 2017 showed an average temperature of 53 degrees, four degrees... more

Signs Of Spring Apr 26, 17 3:08 PM

Warm weather and sunshine following a soaking rain helped nudge our native flora into action this past week, with even the oaks... more

Easter Week Nature Sightings Apr 18, 17 10:20 AM

What do Easter eggs, the Easter bunny, Easter lilies, jellybeans and marshmallow chicks have in common? They are all symbols... more
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