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Nature Observations

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September Sightings Sep 16, 19 2:05 PM

The sun is dipping below the horizon at 7 p.m., night temps are dipping below 60 degrees, crickets are dominating the nighttime... more

Tinkering With Ecosystems Sep 9, 19 11:12 AM

Ecosystems are complex systems composed of many different species, each reacting to perturbations or changes in complicated... more

Summer Sightings Sep 2, 19 1:05 PM

Overall, based on the climate data posted for the weather station at Brookhaven National Laboratory for the months June through... more

Toad Or Frog? Dolphin Or Porpoise? Aug 26, 19 2:27 PM

One of my least favorite subjects in the realm of natural history is taxonomy, or the science of naming, defining and classifying... more

Mid-August Sightings Aug 19, 19 11:47 AM

There have been many interesting things going on in the natural world on the East End this past week, but my curiosity has... more

Invasion Of The Skeleton Shrimp Aug 12, 19 11:42 AM

Over the course of several days in late July and early August, many swimmers in Gardiners Bay off Alberts Landing Beach emerged... more

A Nature Wade At Napeague Harbor Aug 5, 19 12:41 PM

I recently joined two colleagues from the Group for the East End, Steve Biasetti and Anita Wright, for a “nature wade”... more

Open Water Swimming Jul 29, 19 1:44 PM

Are you looking to improve your swim time in a triathlon? Planning to participate in an open water swim event? Do you want... more

The July Heat Jul 22, 19 2:53 PM

We experienced a couple of very hot days this past week. Some of us sought relief at the beach, others took shelter in their... more

Watching Eagles And Ospreys Jul 15, 19 12:10 PM

While watching the Accabonac eagle nest this month, I noticed that the adults spend very little time there, and was curious... more
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