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Nature Observations

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The Nurse Shark Feb 21, 17 10:05 AM

While on a short boating trip to South Bimini Island in the Bahamas last week, I paid a visit to the marine field station... more

Calling All Naturalists Feb 13, 17 4:26 PM

The fifth Long Island Natural History Conference will take place Friday and Saturday, March 24 and 25, at Brookhaven National Laboratory... more

The Eastern Screech Owl Feb 6, 17 2:33 PM

My last two columns discussed some aspects of the digestive system of birds and the creation of “pellets” containing... more

Crops, Gizzards And Gullets Jan 31, 17 11:34 AM

Last week’s column discussed how to tease apart the fur and feathers in bird pellets to uncover the bones, teeth, claws... more

A Close Look At Owl And Hawk Pellets Jan 24, 17 9:24 AM

My first introduction to pellets—those compressed, dense, surprisingly lightweight and odorless masses of indigestible food... more

Reading A Story In The Snow Jan 17, 17 9:52 AM

Last week’s 10-inch snowfall prompted many of us outdoors with shovels and brooms to clear off walkways, decks, driveways... more

The Raven Jan 3, 17 9:50 AM

In his excellent book “Ravens in Winter,” published in 1989, University of Vermont professor and field biologist... more

At Look Back At 2016's Nature Sightings Dec 20, 16 11:23 AM

Looking back on the past year, the nature sightings that topped my list were related to the bunker, or menhaden, schools... more

A Close Look At The Leatherback Dec 13, 16 10:40 AM

Last week, I had the opportunity to observe the dissection of a leatherback sea turtle that had washed ashore in Three Mile... more

Nature Sightings Dec 6, 16 9:53 AM

Birds of prey seemed to dominate the interesting bird sightings this past week. A peregrine falcon was spotted flying over... more
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