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UPDATE: Services Scheduled For Hampton Bays Woman Killed In Flanders Road Crash

Story I have gotten is the driver of the truck hit a giant pot hole , lost control of his vehicle and crossed the median, killing Ms Tocci. If this is fact, both Pseg as well as NYSDOT should be held accountable, brought up on charges, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The roads are horrendous, at the county and state levels.

The tax payers, who through off the wall taxes and continuous tax hikes pay these employees, deserve better and should be outraged. " Jan 16, 14 3:24 PM

The foreman at NYSDOT in riverhead told me when I called, that he drives that road every day to and from work, and has himself forwarded complaints yet nothing was done. Also told me pseg foreman contacted NYSDOT weeks earlier because another of their drivers broke a front shock on another truck in relatively same location.

To the management at NYSDOT, your ignorance, carelessness and incompetence took away somebodies life. You will be held accountable. How ironic your crews showed up within an hour to patch something (that not only caused a death) yet also is the subject of numerous complaints that have been flowing in to your office for months. Whoever was hired to pave this road six years ago should be held accountable as well

Tax dollars on the public payroll hard at work

Thoughts and prayers to the entire Tocci family and all affected" Jan 17, 14 11:03 AM

So you were there and saw both parties speeding/swerving?

" Jan 17, 14 11:06 AM

You sound like you must be a member of the DOT crew??

Potholes and crappy roads "are" are the problem as a result of shoddy work, incompetence, and non repair. The road just didn't up and buckle in a week. its been that way for over a year. Call DOT in Riverhead or stop in and request to see log book (more than likely full of complaints)

If NYSDOT were a privately run entity/business, they'd have gone belly up years ago. In my opinion the ones who do not take responsibility for their actions are NYSDOT!

" Jan 18, 14 10:20 AM