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Resident Calls For Wi-Fi Routers To Be Removed From Westhampton Beach Schools, Library

Thank you for that important information, Mr. O'Dwyer and Mr. Ashton. If I might make one clarification. The findings from the NTP study are not preliminary, they are partial. The findings from this section of the study have been peer-reviewed and are final. Additional findings will be published as the other sections of the study are completed, but the scientists felt compelled to inform the public now that electromagnetic radiation from cell phones caused statistically significant brain and heart cancers at the non-thermal level. This same type of electromagnetic radiation is used to transmit data for not just cell phones, but all of our digital devices, which is why Mr. O'Dwyer is rightly concerned about emissions in our public facilities by wi-fi routers." Aug 10, 16 1:34 PM

Hopefully residents will take the time to become educated on this important issue. Three years ago an electrical engineer friend tipped me off there could be potential harm from wi-fi. I had run many campaigns to raise funds to bring technology into our schools so I asked our school leaders about it. They too had never heard of the health impact, but after investigating and reading the fine print that comes with each device, our school committee in Ashland, MA put into place Best Practices for Mobile Devices. The Environmental Health Trust tells us we are the first in the nation to do so and I get calls regularly now from parents all over the country catching on to wi-fi's harm after their children become ill who are also educating their schools.

Ashland Public Library held a six-part documentary film and discussion series to begin educating the public, and we now have a radiofrequency Acoustimeter detection meter on loan at our library for residents to borrow. It's the same one Mr. O'Dwyer has. Once residents measure how much radiation is coming from their devices, they can choose safer technology practices. The message is not "no technology" but "safe technology". The solution is to use hard-wired connections as the standard, as this is not only eliminates the radiation, but hard-wired connections are also much more secure, a lot faster and more reliable.

When we need to use a mobile device, best practice is to keep it in airplane mode except when actively transmitting data, and keep any active devices as far from the body as possible. Speaker phone or a hollow/airtube headset is recommended.

We can read emails and compose texts in airplane mode, then just go into active mode to send/receive data, and set it back to airplane mode as the norm. The alarm clock, calculator, camera, downloaded music/books/games, etc., are all still accessible in airplane mode, but without the radiation. Please, never give a child a device in active mode, and never place an active device near a pregnant woman or in a baby stroller.

Do your best to keep your sleeping areas a sanctuary above all else. Wi-fi radiation prevents our bodies from doing proper cell repair and restoration while we sleep, and this is being shown to cause a host of health issues ranging from sleep problems, chronic fatigue, social/emotional issues, headaches, nausea, nose/ear bleeds, skin problems, ear ringing, concentration, behavioral issues and more in the short-term. In the long-term, it is being tied to not only cancers, but infertility, miscarriages, DNA damage, neurotoxicity, genotoxicity and more.

I have built a research repository on-line to keep track of the science, etc., but this Comments section doesn't allow one to post a URL. I believe if you search "Cece Doucette google site Understanding EMFs" you can access it to learn more. Thank you for your time and consideration." Aug 10, 16 2:03 PM