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Resident Calls For Wi-Fi Routers To Be Removed From Westhampton Beach Schools, Library

I hope Mr. Urban is committing to a date by which he will have looked into this matter because the children and teachers are counting on him. Do we have a date?
" Aug 9, 16 3:06 PM

Dr. Ryu and Mr. Urban should study the work of Drs. Lai, Singh and Phillips regarding dna damage. Also the Dr. Lai's paper in the BioInitiative Report which states: "In summary, the new radiofrequency studies report that 65% of genetic studies show effects and 35% do not show effects. " And please examine the National Institute of Health's NTP report this year that finds an increase in brain and heart tumors from exposure. Additionally, there are reviews of the literature regarding cancer and nonionizing radiation to examine, but keep in mind, cancer is certainly not the most immediate or frequent adverse effect reported. Please do your homework for the sake of the children.
" Aug 9, 16 3:17 PM