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A Good Whine

When I submitted my letter “Little Lee Zeldin” [Letters, December 26], a rhymed critique of our congressman’s sad record and sycophantic relationship with Donald Trump, I might have expected to be slammed by Zeldin supporters — but not by someone who shares my low opinion of the man.

Nevertheless, Barbara Ring, a Democrat and advocate for Zeldin’s retirement, has written to complain of my focus on Zeldin challenger Bridget Fleming [“Vote Blue,” Letters, January 9]. Ms. Ring both misreads and misquotes me.

I’d say that misquoting poetry is a more serious thing than misquoting prose, but I’m not sure my work here qualifies as poetry. In any event, the only part of the piece referring to Bridget Fleming is the last verse, which reads exactly as follows:

Our friend Bridget Fleming has entered the race,

Providing us with a much-needed new face.

Unlike Little Lee, who’s just Big Donald’s shill,

She’s worked for us always, and she always will.

Barbara Ring purports to quote directly from my letter, claiming I wrote that Ms. Fleming is “the only person who will work for us.” Of course, that’s not what I wrote — but why let facts stand in the way of a good whine?

Ms. Ring is apparently so insecure about the other candidates that she misreads my nod to Bridget Fleming as an assertion that no one else “will work for us.” It’s one thing to misinterpret, but to broadcast that misinterpretation as fact is distortion.

Then there’s Ms. Ring’s faux concern that my being treasurer of the Southampton Democrats somehow suggests that I’m speaking officially for the committee. This is ludicrous. As far as I know, treasurers are never designated as spokespersons for the organizations they serve; it’s just not part of the job. Also, anyone who knows my quick and sharp tongue knows that the Southampton Democrats would never be so foolish as to make me their public voice for any purpose.

Finally, consider the form of my letter. The Southampton Town Democratic Committee is a fun outfit, certainly, but does anyone seriously believe the committee would express itself officially in bad verse? Please.

Barbara Ring knows all these things but chooses to be disingenuous and ignore them. Ms. Ring is an intelligent person. She can do better than this.

George Lynch


Mr. Lynch is treasurer of the Southampton Town Democratic Committee — Ed.


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