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A Hard Look

It is becoming apparent I am enjoying more interest in my letters than some of The Press’s columnists. That should be getting the attention of the editor and those I have challenged about a better balance in the political content of our Southampton Press. (Of course, The Press may believe it is getting that balance for free right here — so why change anything?)

My response to John Neely [“Not That Party,” Letters, January 23] and George Lynch [“What’s In A Name?” Letters, February 6] (both members of the Southampton Town Democratic Committee enjoying free publicity here) is that my use of the term “Democrat Party,” which seems to irritate them, is derived from the fact that members of the Democrat Party call themselves Democrats. Therefore, a group or party of such Democrats should be referred to as a party of Democrats — i.e., Democrat Party.

The impeachment of the president was just the latest effort by Democrats to handicap a Republican administration well on its way to a repeat victory at the polls in November. As I have witnessed since becoming a Conservative in 1980, Republicans are an essentially timid party that has always stepped back from confrontations with Democrats in their belief that maintaining a traditionalist and constitutional posture would be the identity they could be successful with. Democrats never had those chains to be constrained with, as they slashed and burned their way in pursuit of their ideology of change. Democrats used any means available in their holy war of change.

They have used the politics of personal destruction as the tip of their spear going back to the Robert Bork Supreme Court nomination. Then, Rush Limbaugh’s voice became magnified on talk radio, and like-minded Republicans began to see how impotent they had allowed themselves to become. Soon, more voices joined his, and their light exposed the Liberal bias of our media. Republicans became more Conservative and unapologetic. They found their voice and, much to the shock of the Progressive establishment, have pushed back hard on the dismantling of our great traditions, our proud history, and the attack on our Constitution.

The Donald Trump presidency was born as the child of decades of Liberal politics that had no sense of restraint. Now, as they preach bipartisanship, Democrats should ponder the climate they created. A hard look at themselves would serve them better then displaying their disdain for the rest of us.

Ed Surgan



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