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A Team Of Rivals

There are supporters of all three congressional candidates in the Democratic primary held last month, Bridget Fleming, Perry Gershon and Nancy Goroff. As staunchly as I am rooting for Fleming, I think the supporters should all be ready to throw in their lot to whoever wins the nomination. Our ultimate goal is to defeat Lee Zeldin.

This should not be just lip service — not for us, and not for the candidates themselves. I am supporting Bridget. But I would urge her to seriously back Perry or Nancy if he or she is the eventual winner. I would say the same to the other two.

Each of these aspirants has special skills that the other two can use while challenging Lee.

If Bridget wins, Perry can help her with raising money, organizational skills and, very importantly, with advice as to what not to do against Zeldin, which he did in 2018 and lost.

Nancy could lend her knowledge and expertise on combating COVID-19 or even some theoretical perspectives on the chemical aspects of the environment. She is a professor of chemistry.

Likewise, if Perry wins, Bridget can bring to his campaign all the knowledge she has accrued over 10 years as a legislator in Suffolk County. She knows about every nook and cranny of this county that she has helped govern. She is a brilliant debater, felicitous and feisty at the same time, and can help Perry in his debates with Lee.

If Dr. Goroff wins, Bridget can help her with the machinations of government, with actual knowledge of how government works, because Zeldin is certain to take advantage of her lack of governmental experience.

Bridget, Perry and Nancy: A team of rivals to defeat Lee Zeldin.

Shivaji Sengupta



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