DWI Reports For Week Of January 9 - 27 East

DWI Reports For Week Of January 9

authorStaff Writer on Jan 13, 2020
Wagner Eliberto Hilarioestrada, 26, of East Hampton, was charged with drunk driving just before 7:30 on the morning of January 1. Southampton Town Police said he was driving east on... more

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Never Be Silent

Dear Vered [“Freedom Of Speech,” Letters, February 20]: While I agree with you that every American, under the First Amendment, has the right of free speech, and that the action of the police, from what I saw on the video, was way out of line, this did not give you the right to interfere with the other paying moviegoers. After making your point, you were asked to leave — which is what you should have done. There are legal means at hand, with which you could address this problem at a later date. I am also of the Jewish faith, ... 24 Feb 2020 by Staff Writer

Dolls And Love

Since I am away from Bridgehampton in my South Carolina home, I will miss the exhibition of Sam Johnson’s collection of black memorabilia, including the 15 dolls at the Rogers Memorial Library [“African American Rag Dolls On Display At Rogers Memorial Library In Southampton For Black History Month,” 27east.com, February 4]. My most cherished possession of my childhood was a doll purchased by my mother, to shut me up, on a train trip from Penn Station to Clearwater Beach in 1948. At a brief stop in Georgia, mother bolted off the train and bought my doll from a peddler at ... by Staff Writer

Someone Must Pay

The recycling crisis reported in this week’s edition [“Southampton Town Seeks Bids To Lower Costs Associated With Disposing Recyclable Materials,” 27east.com, February 18] needs rethinking. Just because China no longer wants those materials doesn’t mean it shouldn’t continue. Recycling needs to be paid for like any other service. The companies who produce the cardboard, paper, glass and metal, and the people who use them, should be paying whatever the costs are. The need to control our waste is a big issue and is not going away. Brian Oleary Southampton by Staff Writer

Two Sides

Taxes are on everyone’s mind here on the East End. At the February 13 meeting of the Southampton Village Board, a discussion ensued about piercing the 2 percent tax cap, pros and cons. The board also discussed the hiring of a new attorney. These are hot topics in the village. However, in her reporting on the meeting, Kitty Merrill described the 2 percent tax cap matter as “innocuous” and said the board had “finally” gotten an attorney. Is this really for her to say? I notice that she doesn’t use terms like this in some of her other reporting. As ... by Staff Writer

Moment Is Here

Nearly 30 years ago, there was an insightful vision by a number of politicians to protect a swath of pristine and environmentally sensitive land — the Pine Barrens of eastern Long Island. With then-Governor Mario Cuomo, State Senator Ken LaValle and others, the Pine Barrens Protection Act was signed in 1993 to address forever the fact that the land should remain pure and pristine, not only for its natural beauty but because a great deal of our drinking water lies beneath the Pine Barrens. They knew that a time would come when some entity would want to develop the Pine ... by Staff Writer

Symbol Of Vision

I own a house in Southampton Village and for years have seen a parcel of land, an empty expanse of lawn, bordering Nugent Street and Windmill Lane. I propose the following improvement to that parcel: Transform that area of lawn and strengthen its environmental impact by reducing the lawn, not eliminating it, and planting a small grove of native trees, such as white oak, black cherry and American basswood. Planting native trees is a proven, ecological solution to halting the decline of our native pollinators. Native trees (and plants) are essential in increasing the population of our bees, butterflies, birds ... by Staff Writer

Let’s Discuss

Ed Surgan states that Republicans became more conservative thanks to the efforts of Rush Limbaugh [“A Hard Look,” Letters, February 13]. I would like to make two points. First, I would urge readers to Google “Rush Limbaugh’s Greatest Hits.” Click on a couple of the top links and listen. Then decide if you think Mr. Limbaugh should be a spokesman for any political movement. Or if he should have been honored with a medal previously given to the likes of Colin Powell, Rosa Parks, Rachel Carson and Mother Teresa. Second, I would like to point out that in their unwavering ... by Staff Writer

Southampton Town Survey Finds Majority Of People Who Responded Want To See Helium-Filled Ballon Sales Prohibitted

According to a recent survey conducted by the Town of Southampton, the majority of people who responded said they were in favor of a ban on the sale of gas-filled balloons, while also acknowledging that balloons pose a threat to the environment and wildlife. The poll was posted on the town’s website on January 24, in an effort to gauge the public’s opinion on potential legislation that would ban the sale of balloons filled with gas lighter than air — like helium and nitrous oxide. The first of two questions in the survey asked participants if they agreed that balloons ... by Greg Wehner

Donald Lee Anderson Dies

Donald Lee Anderson of Manhattan and Southampton died on October 22, 2019, at Mary Manning Walsh Home on Manhattan. He was 87. Mr. Anderson was born in International Falls, Minnesota in 1932. He graduated from Falls High School and the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities with a Bachelor of Arts degree. He went on to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Survivors said he was a highly creative and multitalented milliner and designer. He worked for Irene of New York, Scheer Brothers, S&S Hats, Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus, Lord & Taylor, Macy’s, Bergdorf Goodman, and various ... by My27east

Bridgehampton School News, February 27

Bridgehampton School Juniors and seniors recently attended a full-day poetry writing workshop at the Watermill Center. The third annual event was led by English teacher Tom House. Students toured the center and listened to an introduction about its history and programs before selecting one of hundreds of fascinating objects from around the world in the center’s archives room to write ekphrastic poems – poems that take art or objects as their subject or inspiration. Students shared their impressive work at the end of the day in a roundtable discussion. Members of the National Honor Society and the National Junior Honor ... by My27east

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