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Benefits Everyone

I read with great interest and excitement about the windmill project and efforts to move the windmill from the Stony Brook Southampton campus to Windmill Lane in Southampton Village [“Push To Bring Campus Windmill Home To Southampton Village Underway,”, October 2].

We often learn more about what we are losing than receiving. Preserving the windmill and relocating it represents more of the Southampton I know and love. I realize there are many projects that need help and money, but this one seems to be a win-win, as I have not thought of any downside to it, plus people are volunteering their time to make this happen.

We can say, “they” should do this instead, etc., but “they” have chosen to get behind this project and, hopefully, make it a reality. It benefits no individual or company — just us, as a community.

We have a beautiful village. Including the oldest windmill in America on our Windmill Lane would benefit everyone. Why should it sit up on campus, where only a few can admire it?

I am hoping the community is as enthusiastic as I am. Thank you to everyone involved in trying to make this a reality. Nothing is ever as easy as it appears.

Kathleen King



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