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Bigger Toys

Re: “Condos Next At Dockers?” [Residence, November 12]: Encapsulated in this article is every last thing we humans have done to strangle both society and the environment.

A decent person merely trying as best as he knew how to make a living took out a huge mortgage. Buying on credit became the accepted norm in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Starkly put, it means buying what you can’t afford. Being sold on the Kool-Aid of “there is always more.”

The mortgage industry is a huge foundation, if not the entire one, of income inequality. Look what it did for us in 2007.

Next, we have a business perched in what should be marshland. To begin with, it seemed harmless. We know better now.

A septic plant would improve the situation, but read up on what happened during Hurricane Sandy, when sewer plants too near the water flooded. Every house and building too near the shoreline is subject to this disaster, because, small or large, a sewer plant has to have an outfall pipe. Sea level rise is not merely what is visible. The entire water table rises. The pipe can’t be closed often or for long. The result is no different from when your toilet clogs up.

Marinas. Dredging. Power boats. This is about selfish pleasure with no consideration of environmental damage. Power boats consume huge quantities of gasoline. (One I saw humorously acknowledged this with the name Fuelish Pleasure.) They give off who knows how much polluting gases. The wake chews up the shore lines. The water in marinas becomes a toxic stew of gasoline, oil and, often, dead fish.

The noise and commotion scare seabirds away. Some are killed by boat strikes. But, hey, why worry? We make buckets of money on the industry.

How about we all learn to sail and to row. Limit power boats as much as possible to what’s left of professional fishermen. Stop tearing up the sea bed, which destroys entire ecosystems, just so we can have bigger toys.

The Community Preservation Fund should buy this property. Tear down the buildings and let it go back to marshland.

Amy S. Paradise

Hampton Bays


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