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Candles, Lists And PC

authorDenise Gray Meehan on Dec 2, 2021
I saw a friend from my old neighborhood at the supermarket recently. She had that harried look of someone who barely had time to complete a sentence. She yelled across... more

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Summer Pop-ups

I don’t know why there are no yellowjackets, but it used to be that if you dropped a ripe watermelon and it split open on the hard dirt, a wasp would pick up on the scent and, in no time, the busted fruit would be covered in his kind. They gnaw, their black mouths munching into the pink, juicy walls, and the sticky juices flow so that they wade in puddles, slurping as they go. They dine with abandon. But now I can keep a half melon in my truck. I can leave it balanced, saucer-like, on the console so ... 16 Aug 2022 by Marilee Foster

Where The Wild Things Are

I like wildlife — from a distance. Like the weeds in my garden, animals have become invasive interlopers, uninvited guests. Bunnies that I used to think of as cute are reproducing … well, like rabbits. If they grazed on weeds, that would be great. But their palates are more sophisticated. They nibble on tender buds and leaves as well. They are now downright chubby. Speaking of chubby, recently, my grandson called out, “Mim, there’s a creature sitting on your deck!” It was a groundhog. At least it had the good sense to disappear when spotted, unlike the wild turkey that ... 15 Aug 2022 by Denise Gray Meehan

Community News, August 18

MONTAUK Music In Montauk Outdoor music in Montauk is still available. Check out Music for ... by Staff Writer

Not So Scary

In a summer punctuated by a string of incidents of sharks biting people swimming off Long Island beaches, thus causing significant concern about swimming in ocean waters here, let us turn to the person key to getting people very scared of sharks: Peter Benchley, who authored the 1974 novel “Jaws.” “Jaws,” not too incidentally, was based on a fictional town on Long Island. Benchley’s inspiration for the book was Montauk charter boat captain Frank Mundus catching a 4,550-pound great white shark in 1964. However, the 1975 movie was shot on and off Martha’s Vineyard and so had a Massachusetts setting. ... by Karl Grossman

Help From Neighbors

Out in the field, the 9-year-old who’s tagging along stands ready to transport the cucumbers I hand her. She is using her shirt as an apron and can, if she is careful, manage a dozen at a time, gently ferrying them to the larger crates that sit in the shade of my truck. The oldest part of the plants are fading. Leaves yellow and grow crisp. Worse, whole plants wilt and shrivel overnight. The situation is varietal, however, because some maintain a shady canopy, and new growth winds its way over the weedy aisles. Delicate, prolific yellow flowers course along ... 9 Aug 2022 by Marilee Foster

A Story Of Survival

Holocaust survivor Maritza Shelley of Sag Harbor, with East Hampton author and writing teacher Randi Dickson, has penned a powerful book, “In the Very Air We Breathed.” Maritza, who just turned 94, was born in Budapest, Hungary. She writes that the “Budapest of my childhood evokes safety and comfort. Although antisemitism had been in the fabric of Hungary for centuries, until that day in March of 1944, I had lived an idyllic, upper middle class life … But being Jewish, a feeling of being ‘separate’ and ‘different’ was always in the very air I breathed. “Our ‘separateness,’ however, did not ... 8 Aug 2022 by Karl Grossman

Hawaiian Summer

We called it “the Tower,” because that is exactly what it was. The Bishop family owned it. They found the abandoned windmill and rescued it for their summer camp. It stood on a rise above Great Peconic Bay near Hampton Bays, where friends and families had summer “camps,” as they were known. The Herricks and the Bishop families had been friends for eons. After my grandmother died, my grandfather married Alma Bishop, whose husband had died, too. Since they had grown up together in our small, close-knit village, Alma and Gaku were happily matched. I turned 11 in March 1965. ... by Hilary Herrick Woodward

Community News, August 11

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Community News, August 4

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Too Much Money

Ever have one of those weird coincidences? I had something like that recently. First, we watched “Barry Lyndon” on TV on Friday. A Stanley Kubrick film — slow, but still it held us. Bathed in the 18th century. Had trouble sleeping after. Then, late last night, I ran into a PBS show on Dumfries House, in Scotland. The Crown Prince was involved. Again, bathed in the 18th century. When it was built, no fewer than 50 pieces of Chippendale were involved. The call to the prince to stop the auction came at 1 in the morning. And then I remembered ... by Anthony Brandt