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Champion For Community

Bridget Fleming is running for Congress in the 1st Congressional District, where she lives, works and is a champion for our community. You can count on Bridget to protect our children, families and freedoms.

Bridget grew up in a union family — concerns for working people, fair wages and good jobs were part of her DNA. She has represented our district for over 10 years and cares deeply about creating affordable housing and improving our economy. In Congress, she will work to develop local jobs, expand economic opportunity and make it easier to live and do business on Long Island.

Bridget is a devoted public servant. As an assistant district attorney, she kept our streets and neighborhoods safe and protected victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. She investigated, prosecuted and cleaned up fraud and abuse. In Congress, she will use her experience to fight for our freedoms, and particularly to ensure that a woman’s right to make her own health decisions becomes part of federal law.

Having served in the D.A.’s office, the deadly consequences of gun violence to law enforcement and families is well-known to Bridget. She is a fierce advocate of sensible gun laws, universal background checks, bans on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, and sound preventive measures like red flag laws. In Congress, she will join the fight to make our gun laws strong and our communities safe from military weapons in the wrong hands.

As a trustee and legislator, Bridget always put the heart and soul of her community first. Her dedication, skill and experience in every field she entered makes her a champion of working families in the 1st District. Protecting the environment, tax relief, transportation improvement, and creating financial stability, and safety for our children and families, are the hallmarks of her work. She protects our aquifer, bays and ocean because she knows our maritime economy continues to support our economic growth and public health.

Don’t be fooled by her opponent, Nick LaLota, who fails miserably by comparison. First of all, he lives in Amityville, in District 2 where, as a trustee, he supported de-funding the police department and put his own political ambitions ahead of his community’s safety.

Now, as a candidate for District 1, he joins the extremist MAGA crowd applauding the radical Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision taking away women’s fundamental right to make health decisions without government interference. And he endorses the dangerous Bruen decision reversing New York gun laws and inviting thousands of guns from other states to flood our streets.

Make no mistake, he will not protect your freedoms or keep you safe. He will vote with the MAGA crowd, not you.

Vote for Bridget Fleming on November 8.

Jackie Hilly

Sag Harbor