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Compelling Candidate

On June 22, there will be a primary election for the Democratic nomination for Southampton Town justice. There are three contenders for two slots. Shari Oster and Adam Grossman are Democrats and the unanimous choice of the Southampton Democratic Committee.

The third candidate, Republican Barbara Wilson, is endorsed by the Republicans but wants to grab the Democratic nomination, too. Concealing her party affiliation, she circulated petitions and managed to get enough signatures to force a primary.

It’s not illegal, but it is sleazy.

There’s more than just sleaze, however. Barbara Wilson personally made serious allegations against a neighbor before the Southampton Village Architectural Review Board, calling him a “sexual predator” and a “sexual pedophile.” The neighbor sued for defamation of character, and, less than two years ago, the Supreme Court ordered her to pay $250,000 in damages.

An order of $250,000 is not a run-of-the-mill jury verdict in an everyday dispute between neighbors. That figure, and The Sag Harbor Express report on it, tell us that Barbara Wilson intentionally damaged another person’s reputation without a factual basis. This is emphatically disqualifying conduct for a judge. Barbara Wilson is not suited for this office.

It’s clear that Adam Grossman and Shari Oster are the right choices in this primary.

Adam Grossman, a Sag Harbor native, has practiced law locally for 28 years and served as Riverhead Town attorney and town code special prosecutor. For the last 18 years, he has sat on Southampton’s Zoning Board of Appeals, which he currently chairs. The board acts in a quasi-judicial capacity, conducting public hearings and issuing rulings on variance applications, appeals of the chief building inspector’s determinations, and the status of vacant property.

His outstanding record of government service and wide experience in private practice, plus long activity as a committed Democrat, make Adam Grossman a compelling candidate for the Democratic nomination for Southampton Town justice.

Shari Oster offers 27 years of litigation experience with a broad base in general practice, including real estate transactions, motor vehicle cases, custody disputes, and all types of family law matters. During 22 years with the Supreme Court’s Mental Hygiene Legal Service, Shari represented some of the most vulnerable and marginalized people in the community, ultimately becoming a lead counsel and court evaluator in the challenging area of guardianship cases.

With her strong background in mental health and family law, Shari Oster will bring a new dimension of experience and insight to our court.

I’m voting for Shari Oster and Adam Grossman in the Democratic primary. Election Day is June 22 and early voting runs from June 12 through 20.

George Lynch


Mr. Lynch is secretary of the Southampton Town Democratic Committee — Ed.