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Control This Scourge

I completely agree with Giancarlo Impiglia’s letter of August 13 [“Diabolical Invention”] regarding the continued noise onslaught by gas-powered leaf blowers in our area. In fact, I am writing this indoors on a beautiful day, as our neighbor’s home goes through its second hedge trimming of the summer (our poor birds!). The sound is deafening.

In my neighborhood of small village lots, each home has its own hired invading army of industrial-strength machinery — places where grass could be cut with scissors. None of it is coordinated, which means this happens every day of the week.

I understand that the landscaping industrial complex isn’t going anywhere, but the town supervisors need to intervene to make critical changes that will protect the quality of life we all cherish. One of those changes is to ban the gas-powered leaf blowers once and for all. For everyone.

Those who want to live in a noisy paved environment full of easy “conveniences” can live in the suburbs or a city. Only regulation can control this scourge and the other horrors of overdevelopment that are currently damaging this area.

In the meantime, dear homeowners: Please ask your landscapers to switch to electric leaf blowers.

Susan White



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