Court upholds voting rights for part-time residents - 27 East

Court upholds voting rights for part-time residents

author on Nov 25, 2008
A New York State Appellate Court last month upheld the rights of second-home owners to participate in elections in the towns they live in part-time, as long as they renounce... more

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VIEWPOINT: A Social Sabbatical

By Shari Adler As the winter months are approaching, many medical experts are concerned about the rising numbers of those affected by the novel coronavirus. As of November 30, CNN reports the United States statistics of 266,887 deaths, with 13,386,251 total cases of those infected (sourced by Johns Hopkins University). Dr. Anthony Fauci has warned people to resist the malaise of “COVID fatigue.” People are devastated in so many ways from this virus, yet COVID protocol and restrictions remain politicized and controversial. On November 24, two days ahead of Thanksgiving, CNN reported the story of a Minneapolis doctor, Shirlee Xie, ... 30 Nov 2020 by Shari Adler

Starting To Fight

I live in Noyac, on Club Lane. My house is situated 55 feet from the Southampton Town property line. The Southampton property line defines the edge of the property on which the cell tower is to be located [“‘Can You Hear Us Now?’: Noyac Residents Rally Against Proposed Cell Tower,, November 23]. My neighbor’s house across the street is very close to the same location. My neighbor’s house behind me is located 75 to 80 feet or less from the same location. There are homes above, below, adjacent to, etc., this location. Yes, this is a residential area. This ... by Staff Writer

Seeking Justice

Regarding Dick Sheehan’s letter [“Malice Toward None,” Letters, November 26] — really, Dick? President Abraham Lincoln, in his Second Inaugural Address, on March 4, 1865, concluded his speech with those words. Forty-three days later, April 15, 1865, President Abraham Lincoln was murdered by Confederate agents … so much for “malice toward none” and “charity for all.” Prior to the Southern Confederacy Insurrection, John Brown, an abolitionist, mounted a raid on the U.S. Arsenal at Harpers Ferry, Virginia. Even though his intentions were moral — to obtain weapons to arm and free African American slaves — his illegal actions caused the ... by Staff Writer

Please Support Me

I am writing to announce my candidacy for Bridgehampton fire commissioner. A resident of Bridgehampton since 1992, I have been a devoted and involved member in my community. As commissioner, I will stand up for not only the dedicated department volunteers but the broader community as well. I will work hard to ensure appropriate facility and future expansion needs. I will be the first woman to hold the position, and I believe I will be an excellent addition to the Board of Commissioners. I have been a member of the Bridgehampton Fire Department’s EMS company as an EMT since 2015. ... by Staff Writer

Helping Hands

Eastport Green Project thanks all those who have helped us make our historic Main Street sparkle this holiday season. We are especially grateful to local businesses that support us in our efforts, with donations of money, time and ideas. Special thanks to Olish Farms, 510 Montauk Hwy., Watermark Hamptons, Selfmaid, the Ladies Auxiliary of the Eastport Fire Department, Eastport Animal Hospital, KC Kollections, Hampton Air, Eastport Music Scene, and Nicholas and Susan Tang. We celebrate all of our volunteers dedicated to keeping Eastport clean, green and beautiful. Special thanks to our Main Street Beautification Committee: Diane Bavosa, Judy Cummings, Linda ... by Staff Writer

Changes By Land And Sea: The Shift To Winter

As I write this column on the last day of November, the temperature is forecast ... by Mike Bottini

Young Black Hero

For various reasons, media of all types offer a distorted representation of the lives of young Black men. This representation negatively affects the public’s understanding of and attitudes related to young Black men, which leads to negative real-world consequences for young Black males. In a wide range of ways, the overall presentation of young Black men in the media is distorted, exaggerating some dimensions while omitting others. The often-used footage of young Black males in handcuffs is so embedded in the mind’s psyche that it makes you wonder if handcuffs only fit the wrists of Black folks. The stereotypes held, ... by Staff Writer

Our Greatest Strength

We hear that the election of Kamala Harris as vice president is a great victory for diversity, but what does that really mean? “Diversity” has become a buzzword. The problem with buzzwords is that they are too often repeated by people just to sound like they are doing the right thing, repeated without understanding — let alone believing in — the true concept behind the word. So I’d like to restore real meaning to the word “diversity.” True diversity is not about numbers, nor about race, gender or creed. True diversity is a frame of mind. Diversity is, fundamentally, the ... by Staff Writer

Happy Birthday!*

Wishes for those celebrating birthdays during COVID-19: — May you have a delicious birthday cake and ice cream (but don’t eat too much, because of the “COVID weight gain syndrome” due to inactivity). — May your birthday be peaceful (though not too peaceful, because it is very easy to feel understimulated nowadays, and that is not good for your brain). — May you be surrounded by friends and family (do you have a thermometer or oximeter so you can take temp and oxygen saturation levels before you go near anyone?). — May you do something fun on your birthday. (But ... by Staff Writer

Let’s Get Started!

As so many of us are relieved to learn of the upcoming COVID-19 vaccine, which will come to be used less than a year after the inception of the necessary research, we are so grateful and give immense thanks during this holiday season. What we should now not forget is: There is no vaccine for racism. The same self-concern that led our government and citizens to focus on COVID-19 has to apply to changing the racist/prejudiced tone that permeates our country. It is time to save ourselves and our democracy for the generations to come. We will not get this ... by Staff Writer

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