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Dirty Tricks

With the resignation, in disgrace, of Republican President Richard Nixon, it was hoped that the era of dirty tricks in American politics had come to an end. This, however, as it turns out, was not the case.

In a recent FBI intelligence report, it was proven that Trump’s campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, was working with Russian spy Konstantin Kilimnik to game our free elections for Trump.

So, it should not be a surprise to learn that here, in Southampton Town, the same Republican Party is also involved with dirty tricks to game our upcoming primaries.

New York State election law provides several ways a person’s name can be listed on a political party’s ballot. The two most popular are (1) having one’s name placed on a slate of candidates approved by the party, and (2) by way of a challenge for a position from a person who, via a petition signed by a predetermined required number of registered party members, can thus qualify.

This system has worked well for many years. Smaller political parties, who do not have candidates to fill all positions, have given these spots to people from politically like-minded parties, thus, according to New York State law, increasing their total vote count.

In the upcoming June primaries, a Republican “teabagger,” by deceptive means, has had his name placed on the Working Families Party ballot. This move is an attempt to confuse the primary voters and deny the Working Families Party’s chosen candidate a second line on the ballot.

Just as the small force of Capitol Police, on January 6, had to defend against a right-wing attack on our national elections, so also, in June, the Working Families Party members have to come out en masse and reject this assault.

Stephen Ring

Hampton Bays


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