DWI Reports For Week Of December 3 - 27 East

DWI Reports For Week Of December 3

authorStaff Writer on Dec 4, 2020
Carlos F. Torres, 41, of Center Moriches, was arrested by Westhampton Beach Village Police on November 25 just after 10:30 p.m. on Montauk Highway in the village and charged with... more

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VIEWPOINT: Self-Care Isn’t Selfish, It’s Essential

By Zoë Kobrin The unprecedented stress of navigating COVID-19 while, at the same time, parenting through a pandemic — and all that entailed — has left parents and caregivers reeling. In order to stay both physically and emotionally healthy, our own self-care is critical. And it can be easier than you might think — it doesn’t need to cost a penny or take more than five minutes a day. The following strategies are designed to guide you in getting started: Put on your own “oxygen mask” first. This instruction we’re given to survive in the event of a plane crash ... 25 Jan 2021 by Zoë Kobrin

Pedestrian Struck On Noyac Road

Not long after sunset on Thursday, January 21, Victor Busten-Sangurima, 45, of Sag Harbor was struck by a pickup truck as he was walking on Noyac Road near its intersection with Valley Road in Noyac. The Southampton Town Police Emergency Dispatch Center was alerted to the accident at 5:24 p.m. Responding units rendered first aid, and Sag Harbor Volunteer Ambulance was deployed to the scene as well. Preliminary investigation revealed Jacinto R. Heres-Washigta, 44, of Riverhead was operating a 2010 Ford Ranger northbound on Noyac Road when he struck Mr. Busten-Sangurima, authorities said. The pedestrian was airlifted to an area ... by Kitty Merrill

What Will You Do?

As one of U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin’s constituents who wants to know what our elected representatives are up (or down) to, I read his latest “Dear Joan” email about the recent rioting at the Capitol with sadness and anger. I had hoped he would acknowledge that what happened had been an organized, well-funded, coordinated (inside and outside) attack. I also hoped he would have decried what videos continue to show were the motives of many in the mob, by way of icons that included Confederate flags, nooses and a T-shirt blazoned with “Camp Auschwitz.” Alas, the congressman’s email is late, ... by Staff Writer

Clean It Up

Once a year, I clean all of Butter Lane, from Scuttle Hole Road to Montauk Highway. This year, I accumulated 13 garbage bags of street refuse, two times more than any prior year. It it me or is our town becoming a dumping ground? Our town administrators need to take action, and here are some proposals. Increase the fine for littering. Double the fines and, importantly, require the offender to work off half of the fine by performing street cleaning. Even more offensive are those convicted of DWI. Require DWI offenders, both rich and less well off, to work off ... by Staff Writer

An Easy One

Sometimes there’s a question so simple that it doesn’t take a lot of work to get to the answer. As a retired lawyer no longer getting paid for my thoughts, I welcome these simple questions that let me skip all the weighty legal analysis, spit out the answer and get back to writing my novel. The question here is whether a president can be tried on impeachment charges after his term has ended. The common sense on this one is so compelling that the answer must be yes. If it were otherwise then the man could just go shooting people ... by Staff Writer

Into The Abyss

The countdown to Biden’s removal from office by the Democrats just started. They knew he was moving toward dementia, and they knew that he was an incompetent person even without it. Allowing him to serve as the commander in chief puts our country at enormous risk — but the Democrats do not care. It’s power that they want, and their game plan is to get Harris in the top spot in order to expedite the radical changes that they seek. Those changes will destroy our republic, for they are the antithesis of the founding principles of our great nation. The ... by Staff Writer

Reversing Course

On the day of his inauguration, I watched a smiling President Biden sign 15 executive orders and two executive actions, which revoked a number of former President Trump’s executive orders he signed, involving: 1) canceling the Keystone XL Oil Pipeline Agreement, which will cost 11,000 lost jobs; 2) put a stop to building the wall on our southern border, as Biden wants open borders between us and our neighboring Latin nations; 3) we’ll rejoin the World Health Organization and Paris Climate Accord; 4) canceled the ban on persons from several largely Muslim and African countries. Sadly, this is small sample ... by Staff Writer

What He Meant

Joe Biden, October 15, 2020: “We’re eight months into this pandemic, and Donald Trump still doesn’t have a plan to get this virus under control. I do.” Joe Biden, January 22, 2021: “There is nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months.” Translation: Thanks for your vote … suckers! Steve Vella Water Mill by Staff Writer

Some January Sightings

Following a string of mild weather, the early morning, pre-dawn hours of January 16 brought ... by Mike Bottini

Rare And Priceless

Southampton Town is now considering what would be a very wise use of our Community Preservation Fund. A 4-acre, mostly wooded property, owned by the Magidoff family, has 700 feet of frontage on Ligonee Creek, in addition to bridging two established parks. It also is adjacent to a principal access trail to the Long Pond Greenbelt. Ligonee Creek is a gem for our area, ecologically, recreationally and historically. Protection of our American eel and alewife seasonal migration is of great concern to our local naturalists. Rightly so, for this ancient passage is a fundamental element of the food chain of ... by Staff Writer

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