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Face The Facts

In his letter “Beyond Shameful” [Letters, October 8], Richard Matula declares that Joe Biden should publicly apologize for some of the things he said during his debate with Donald Trump.

Mr. Matula’s outrage is hard to swallow given that President Trump has lied about and said so many disgusting things about so many people over the years and during his four years as president. Not only has Trump debased the office of the presidency, he has hurt our country and our people.

So let’s talk ever so briefly about just a few of Trump’s most recent unhinged statements:

He called Kamala Harris a monster and a Communist. He said if Kamala Harris became president, it would be an insult to our country.

He said the drugs he has taken are a “cure” for COVID-19. He blamed Gold Star families for his COVID-19 infection. He told the American people not to fear COVID-19.

He said Joe Biden is not mentally capable.

Of course, I could go on forever about Trump’s endless lies and his crude and disgusting comments about so many people.

Many people believe that the drugs Trump is taking for COVID-19 have put him in an “altered state.” An old friend of mine is a research doctor at a renowned U.S. medical institution. He told me that dexamethasone, a steroid, creates a false sense of well-being accompanied by delirium and a sense of invincibility.

Trump is taking a high-level dose of these steroids, as well as a cocktail of other experimental drugs that may also be negatively impacting his cognitive senses. Apparently, he is not taking any of the quackery cures he pushed on the American public.

But let’s face the facts: Trump has been lying and saying and doing crazy things for many, many years. So maybe his most recent aberrant behavior is not the result of the steroids and other drugs. Maybe it’s simply his increasing desperation as his polling continues to plummet.

Regardless, I think that Donald Trump should apologize to the American people for lying to them about COVID-19. I think Donald Trump should apologize to the Gold Star families. I think he should apologize to the families of the 210,000 people who have died of COVID-19. And he should apologize to the children and the families that were cruelly torn apart at our southern border.

Trump never apologizes for anything … he doubles down. I don’t expect any apologies from him. I expect more of the same, and I expect that he will ratchet up his lunatic rantings as he gets more and more desperate.

Donald Trump is shameless. Let’s vote him out of office in a massive landslide.

Dick Sheehan

Westhampton Beach


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