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Forever Grateful

I am responding to Evelyn Konrad’s letter to the editor [“Fill In The Blanks,” Letters, May 7] in regards to Zach Epley’s viability for the role of trustee for the Village of Southampton. In this letter, Ms. Konrad belittles his role, as well as the Seafield Center itself (which she dismisses as “or whatever it is”), as a form of nepotism.

I live in Water Mill, and so cannot vote in the upcoming election, but, being civic-minded, I feel compelled to educate Ms. Konrad about the professionalism and responsibilities that Mr. Epley, who is a graduate of Union College, deals with every day, seven days a week, at Seafield Center. This is a personal story, so I do not relate it lightly.

I have a family member who had resisted treatment for her alcoholism for over 20 years. Three failed interventions by her husband had left him at a loss. He reached out to me, and I immediately turned to Seafield.

Mr. Epley helped me initially by educating me about the process, and gave me the tools to convince her to come. When she arrived, Seafield performed a physical that indicated that she was close to dying. Mr. Epley sent her to the hospital by ambulance and called me with updates until she was finally admitted around 12:30 a.m.

Ultimately, she returned to Seafield Center, and again I was in daily contact with Mr. Epley about her care, health and progress. He was, extremely professional, accommodating and reassuring.

When it came time for her to step down to an outpatient program, Mr. Epley helped her and her husband find a suitable facility and arrange the transfer so it was an easy transition for them.

I am happy to report that she remains sober to this day. We, the family, credit Mr. Epley and the Seafield Center for not only helping her to find sobriety but saving her life. Mr. Epley’s round-the-clock compassionate and professional care for her and the family leaves us forever grateful.

This story, Ms. Konrad, is one of thousands. So please refrain from dismissing Mr. Epley, as you do not know, nor understand, that he, his family, and the Seafield Center have had, and continue to provide, a life-changing impact on their clients and, in turn, their families.

​​​​​​Wendy Wise Routh

Water Mill


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