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Fracturing Society

What America do Democrats think they are living in? Because it certainly is not mine.

From my perspective as a senior, I cannot believe I am being led by an administration deeply influenced by socialists and globalists who openly declare their disdain for an America that is sovereign, free-speaking, capitalist, militarily supreme, lawful and color blind. Think of it: They are feverishly working to undermine each of these and many more pillars of the most successful experiment in self-governance in human history.

On sovereignty, our southern border is open this year to an anticipated illegal invasion of 2 million uninvited immigrants. Our Democrat president and vice president make no pretense at stopping it. “Catch and Release” allows wholesale access to thousands of people we know nothing about.

While our government mandates new masking rules, we welcome multitudes of sick people to be placed in our cities everywhere, to be treated in our hospitals and taught in our schools. We also know many foreign nationals not from Central America are entering as well. Do we know if they are criminal or terrorist?

If Trump divided us, the Democrats are literally trying to blow up a country I love. The explosives they are using include Critical Race Theory, an environmental fanaticism that has morphed into a religious cult, demonetization of law enforcement, and the suppression of free speech that doesn’t follow the “party” line.

The COVID issue is still with us. Democrats have created a significant distrust in the minds of many Americans of what they love to call the unassailable truth in the “science.”

All of us know it has been remarkably contradictory. During the presidential campaign, Biden and Harris both cast doubt on vaccines being rushed into development. They were willing to undermine our faith in our pharmaceutical industry and technology for their own political purpose. Masks were initially discounted, then government mandated, then declared ineffective, then mandated, until now no one wants to listen to another Centers for Disease Control and Prevention declaration claiming they have the “science” behind them.

Even more disturbing, it has been revealed that our teachers union was involved in influencing the CDC guidance to families of school-age children. Democrats were modifying the “science” to meet their political agenda. Even now, union president Randy Weingarten will not confirm opening schools this fall. Obey or be ostracized.

In some red states, the government stayed away from trying to keep up with the “science.” There was infection, but there was also the freedom to make your own choice. Democrats abhor this, even as they are responsible for the fracture in our society, distrust in their leadership and the “science” they worship.

Ed Surgan

Westhampton Beach