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Get a Grip

Indubitably, my reproductive years are long past; however, my views on this subject are representative of a lot of humans, including men. I am not generally one who broadcasts her personal business to the world, but this topic is different. So here goes.

I am an 83-year-old white Catholic Democrat female widow. I am proudly the mother of two wonderful daughters and am blessed with a fine, handsome grandson. I love and respect all children. All colors and styles of life are included in my acceptance.

I am, generally speaking, pro-life. I would never consider an abortion. But that is just me. I do not make other women’s decisions.

Neither do I condemn them for their decisions. When I die, I’ll have to explain my life to God. Other women will have the same opportunity. God does not like tattletales.

At age 11, one night at the dinner table, our parents astounded us with the happy announcement that, in a few short months, we would have a new family member. Mom and Dad were just beaming with delight. We three children were very pleased. Oh, a baby, wow!

A few months later, Mom perceived that the baby was not moving anymore, and she called her doctor, who instructed Mom to meet him at the hospital. Mom returned home in just two days. We, the children, were not provided with any details, except to announce that there would be no new baby. Indeed, that was the end of babies for Mom.

I learned the rest of the story when I was 22 and expecting myself. Shyly, Mother spilled out her sorrow about the baby she lost.

When she arrived at the hospital, the doctor immediately examined her. Next, she was transported by gurney to the sub-basement of the hospital and rolled into a storage room that had been hastily transformed into a surgical suite. One hour later, Mother was taken to a regular inpatient room, not maternity.

The next day, the doctor explained to my parents that the baby had expired. So it was necessary to remove the baby’s remains so that my Mother’s life would be spared.

Doctors take an oath that, in part, states, “First, do no harm.” Had Mom’s doctor failed in his duty to his patient, my Mom would have died, robbing her three young children of their mother. Now, that is what I deem cruel.

Mother lived to within one month of her 100th birthday.

Today, this grandmother has lost all respect for our Supreme Court. They are not the moral police, just flawed humans like the rest of us.

So, get a grip, Chief Justice John Roberts. Get a grip and do your job correctly.

Suzanne Murphy

Southampton Village