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Great Work

Just finished listening to the latest “27Speaks” podcast. As usual, superb.

Great theme song (can’t get enough of Judy Carmichael), great crew, great topic. Great and articulate guest, Genie Egerton-Warburton [“Inside the World of ADNP Syndrome: Mother Shines Light on Autism Awareness Month,”, April 19].

Michelle Trauring, Joseph Shaw, Bill Sutton and Annette Hinkle fully succeeded in encouraging and cultivating crucial public awareness, understanding, and needed love and acceptance for all of our developmentally challenged and God-loved citizens.

I agree with you that the “thousand-worded picture” of Rowland and mom tells a great story. The love.

To you and your blessed staff: Great work, well done. And do continue.

Mike and Claire Piliero

Hampton Bays