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Grit And Determination

We elected two trustees two years ago: Gina Arresta and Joe McLoughlin. Now, Joe must go, and we all need to support Gina, who has distinguished herself from Joe by being the one who has integrity, backbone and the will to fulfill her campaign pledges.

Joe has been an unremitting disappointment. He notoriously failed in his role as police liaison and has chronically abstained from voting on issues that require him to take a position. On the other hand, Gina has shown grit and determination.

Among her many accomplishments, she has reduced taxes, cut wasteful spending, promoted financial transparency and accountability in the budgeting process, led the initiative to create a sewer task force, and revitalized the downtown by facilitating the paving of the parking lot behind Citarella, expanding outdoor dining, and opening Moses Park. She has obtained over $2 million in grant funding to clean up Lake Agawam and helped hire a firm to update the Master Plan.

Gina is a doer and a leader.

Sadly, Joe promises everything, delivers on nothing, and is in the grip of special interests and a powerful Suffolk County union.

Gina has consistently demonstrated that she has both the will and the courage to stand up for what she believes in and represent our village in accordance with the pledges that she made when we originally elected her.

Vote for Gina Arresta on June 17.

Robert Buxton

Southampton Village