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Hurts No One

It hurts no one if an immigrant has a driver’s license. In fact, it promotes safe driving and allows more immigrants to be gainfully employed. Is that a bad thing?

Ironically, in the same issue of the paper is a Viewpoint article by Rabbi Levi Welton [“The #WeToo Movement Is The Necessary Next Step,” Western Edition, September 26]. In discussing the #MeToo movement, Rabbi Welton reminds us of our obligation to speak up in the face of wrongdoing, and how we as a community are responsible to one another.

Who among us, except for our neighbors the Shinnecocks, do not descend from immigrants?

Rep. Zeldin’s zeal to bar East End immigrants from driving safely speaks to his deaf ear when it comes to his constituents. Yes, these immigrants can’t vote because they lack citizenship, but they are worthwhile people nonetheless, and if getting legal status was a little more feasible, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.

Linda SlezakHampton Bays


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