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In A Clamshell

In A ClamshellAnn Welker and Andrew Brosnan are the two most qualified candidates for Southampton Town Trustee and deserve your vote on Election Day. While many voters have a fairly clear idea about what many elected positions entail, more than a few find the waters a bit murky when they try to understand just what it is that the Trustees are all about.

In a nutshell (or perhaps clamshell), a Trustee’s job has much to do with regulating our town’s waters: ocean, bays, lakes, beaches. Few of us would argue against clean, safe water that sustains the array of marine and plant life that are completely dependent on our waters for their very survival, and ultimately our own. A significant part of their task is a boots-in-the-water understanding of our waterways, as well as a comprehensive knowledge of how to, and a keen desire to, preserve and protect one of our greatest natural resources.

Ann and Andrew are both notably qualified to represent us as Trustees. They each understand and explore ways to improve and maintain water quality, which is becoming a critically important issue in many other towns and cities in our nation. Ann is the first woman elected as Trustee since this position was initiated in 1686. Andrew captains the Stony Brook research vessel on its many missions and projects.

Ann Welker, who has spent her lifetime involved with the health of our beaches and bays, is a staunch proponent of the living shorelines approach, which includes more natural, greener alternatives to traditional shore-hardening structures. These methods utilize underwater vegetation to help mitigate energy that so often has unforeseen negative impacts. She is a strong proponent of the Drawdown project, which explores on a grand scale one hundred solutions to climate change.

Andrew Brosnan has spent a good deal of his professional life as a waterman and environmentalist, and is a scholar of our marine environment. His goals include protecting our natural resources and expanding marine-based industries. As pilot of the Stony Brook marine research vessel, he can constantly offer new findings and methods for preserving our waterways and marine life.

Ann Welker and Andrew Brosnan will bring us quality performance and results. Please vote for them on Election Day. After all, the future of our waterways is our future.

Walter SkretchSouthampton


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