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Indeed An Honor

I was disturbed and saddened by the negative reporting about Mr. Trump’s visit, by the media on both a local and national level, whether in print, online, on the radio or on television. Selling papers with sensationalism seemed to be the rule, not the exception.

It seems that most, if not all, headlines reporting on President Donald J. Trump’s historic visit to the East End on Friday, August 9, were meant to stir the pot and depicted the event in a negative way. This was accomplished by written word and photos. Where was the positive side? In fact, an observer told me that Newsday reporters only wanted to interview people at Gabreski Airport who had negative statements.

Thanks to the numerous residents who turned out throughout the motorcade’s route with their signs, flags and presence in support of our president. It was indeed an honor to have a sitting president of the United States visit our East End. The miles and miles of supporters were a wonderful testament to his support and the respect for the office.

Media: Where was the simple, but powerful message — welcome to Southampton, Mr. President!

Joan TuttSouthampton


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