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It’s No Escape

I flew back to New York this past Saturday and was surprised by the volume of traffic leaving Manhattan and traveling to the East End of Long Island.

Ordinarily, I don’t have a problem with this human migration, when they come for the sun and beaches. However, when the migration is a flight to “safety” from a virus, I must point out that it is self defeating. If you are on an overcrowded island with a virus, i.e., Manhattan, traveling to another overcrowded island is not an intelligent choice.

If you want to avoid a virus spread by humans, you need to go where there are few humans — e.g., Maine, New Mexico, Wyoming — and avoid confined and heavily populated land masses, e.g., islands and resorts.

If you are traveling to the Hamptons to escape a virus, you might as well book a room on a cruise ship.

Stay healthy, my friends.

John J. Russo

Sag Harbor


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