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Left It Blank

Leaders are suppose to lead, make difficult decisions and bring people together.

Evidently, this is not so in the Southampton School District.

Again, next year’s school calendar will be void of naming any holidays — not just one or two, but all. This goes for religious and federal holidays, too. Nada. It will be a generic calendar whitewashed of any labels. Former holidays will be marked as “schools are closed,” but none will be given a name.

Is this because the district and the Shinnecock Nation don’t have a contract finalized yet?

I have learned to always follow the money. If this is so, tell the taxpaying public. If there is another reason(s), let us know.

Where is the transparency? Don’t lead us to think otherwise and then kick the can down the road yet again. This issue has been going on for years, since before Dr. Nicholas Dyno replaced Dr. Scott Farina as superintendent and was assistant superintendent.

The School Beard meeting on March 3 was packed, yet no one left satisfied. Anger permeated the intermediate school music room, hallway and parking lot.

At the previous board meeting, on February 11, the public was led to believe by the School Board that a decision on Columbus Day would be the subject of a vote on March 3. They voted, all right — nothing. Christian and Jewish holidays … gone, along with longstanding holidays like Labor Day, Memorial Day, Veterans Day and MLK Day, to name but a few.

While they were at it, they decided to ban home-schoolers living in the district from attending after-school activities, as they have been allowed to do for many decades.

What is going on in our district? What is this behavior teaching our students? Decision-making skills? Leadership skills? Diplomacy? Fairness? Truthfulness?

Joan Tutt



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