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Letter And Spirit

To the Southampton Town Board: Only because it was brought to your attention that the proposed action to build a huge aquatic center development with parking for 170 cars did not legally meet the qualifications for the preservation of land under the Community Preservation Fund, you are now going to amend the law to permit this previously illegal use.

Do you see the hypocrisy with that? Don’t you care at all that this major development violates the letter and spirit of the controlling law? How can you even entertain this application?

I therefore urge you in the strongest possible terms to not amend the land preservation law to allow a prohibited usage.

Moreover, please recall that when these same people presented this plan previously, and it was put to a vote by the town residents, it was soundly defeated. And that was even before it was going to be plopped down onto CPF land — land that we are trying to save for posterity.

Frankly, if you insist that the CPF be violated, I’d much rather see that supermarket that you rejected on this property, something that would be used by more town residents than this use. But the same reasons you declined that use are the reasons you must deny this use.

(But, really, wouldn’t you prefer a passive and permitted use, like a park, which would be so nice for the enjoyment of all, and a use permitted under the law?)

I can only assume that some of you are personal friends with the developers — and I pray that you put your commitment to the town over that personal interest. Thank you.

Stacy Kaufman



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